March 9, 2018

What do you think a security officer can do for your retail stores? Do you think he can deter crime by scaring the criminals away? Security officers can surely do this, but there are several other responsibilities that they can perform and be a great security solution for your stores. Here are some things that … Continue reading “Security Officer: Why Your Retail Stores Need Security Officers”

March 8, 2018

The world is turning towards technology and accepting the digital and electronic systems available. The same is happening in the field of security. Different types of electronic security systems are available with any security company in Alberta. The physical security provided by security guards is still considered to be an effective one. However, guards may … Continue reading “Security Company In Alberta: Types Of Electronic Security Systems”

March 3, 2018

When you read articles or talk to experts about the essential security systems you must have in your house or office; an alarm system will be one of the top choices recommended. Why is it so? Because these systems can identify and notify when there is an unauthorized entry in your residential or commercial property. … Continue reading “Security Guards In Alberta: What Do Alarm Response Security Guards Do”

February 21, 2018

The owners of any commercial building are responsible for managing various risks that the property is exposed to. It is their responsibility to ensure that the people working in the building feel secured and can work freely without any worry. For this purpose, you need to have security guards in your commercial building. If there … Continue reading “3 Risks Your Commercial Building Is Exposed To If You Don’t Hire Security Guards”

February 19, 2018

Be it a small or a large retail outlet, employees, and customers are exposed to many threats on a daily basis. It takes a huge investment to start a retail store, and you would not want to face losses due to lack of security. Shoplifting, burglars, fire outbreak, and many other Red Deer security risks can … Continue reading “Tips To Secure Your Retail Store”

February 18, 2018

Security guard training in Calgary, Alberta ensures that they provide better security at your premises and handle various emergency situations effectively. With increasing security threats, every place requires security guards and cameras to ensure the safety of life and property. But can we hire a security guard without proper inspection of his skills and capabilities? Of course, … Continue reading “Why Is Security Guard Training Essential”

February 15, 2018

Having a trained security guard helps to provide better security of the entire premises along with better skills to manage various situations. Unlike the untrained guards, it is very rare to receive a complaint against the trained guards. This is because these trained guards take their duties and responsibilities seriously and perform a better job. Although … Continue reading “Is It time To Hire A New Security Guard?”

February 12, 2018

Regular and timely inspection and testing of all your home security systems are mandatory to ensure that all of them are in good working condition. When you test your home security systems such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, fire protection systems, smoke and heat detectors, etc. on a periodic basis, you can identify problems well in time … Continue reading “How To Test Your Home Security System”

February 6, 2018

Suppressing a fire as soon as it takes place will prevent it from advancing and causing any damage. Having a fire watch security guard in Calgary is an important preventive measure to protect yourself from the fire. When you do not have adequate fire-fighting devices, you need fire watch security guards to protect the entire premises from … Continue reading “5 Places Where You Need A Fire Watch Security Guard”

February 6, 2018

Manufacturing units are a crucial part of any business as all the production takes place there. Not securing it from robbery, intruders, fire incidents, and other threats can lead to severe loss of money to your business and also may result in loss of innocent lives. Hence, there is always a need for security systems in … Continue reading “Why You Need To Ensure Security For Your Manufacturing Unit”

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