How Small Businesses Benefit From Security Surveillance

January 7, 2021

How Small Businesses Benefit From Security Surveillance

Contrary to popular belief, small businesses are equally, if not more, vulnerable to thefts, threats, and vandalism compared to bigger firms. A small company or a startup manifests its owner’s vision, hard work, and financial assets and should not be left unprotected from thieves and shoplifters. As small businesses work every day to make ends meet and manage their finances, one blow can offset years of effort.

For this reason, startup owners must protect their employees, assets, and customers from any form of threat. Although sometimes these threats can become inevitable, this is where commercial security comes in. With the right kind of security surveillance and guards at your disposal, your business can stay ahead of shoplifting, robberies, workplace crimes, and other safety concerns. Below we discuss some of the many benefits of strong security systems for small businesses.

Theft Control


One time stealing or shoplifting incidents will generally not harm a business. Still, if these incidents become a routine, they can cost companies hundreds and thousands of dollars in lost revenue. One report in 2016 stated that small Canadian businesses lose between $20,000 to $35,000 per minute to shoplifters. Robberies and burglaries only add to this number.

Employee Theft

One crime that places even a heavier toll on companies and is often unaccounted for or goes unnoticed until it rips through companies’ finances is employee theft. It costs businesses billions of dollars annually and harms companies in many ways other than just stealing.


Prevention of these offenses is the most crucial role of security systems. With the proper security measures in place, companies can quickly identify thieves and lead them to prosecution. Moreover, with the right security plan, entrepreneurs can have peace of mind and focus more on the critical aspects of running their business.

Employee Safety

Stealing is not the only thing that can harm your business. Workplace violence and sexual harassment are major security concerns in offices and can hurt your brand and business beyond repair. However, if you have the right security measures in place like a CCTV camera in each room of your office, 24 hours video monitoring, and a security team or guard patrolling your business premises, you can easily prevent such crimes.

Employee safety is crucial for your business’s success. Having a security policy will provide your employees with peace of mind and encourage victims to come forward and report any such incidents. Moreover, if an incident does happen, you will have the evidence to prove the accused guilty. You can also use evidence from your security camera footage in case of a wrongful lawsuit to prove your business and yourself innocent.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance companies tend to benefit businesses at a lower risk of getting involved in any monetary incident or a robbery. If your business is well protected and has indoor and outdoor security systems, it will significantly reduce your insurance cost and lower your business insurance premiums. This is because minimized risk will be a benefit for your insurance company as well as your small business. Money saved from insurance costs can be utilized in other departments of the business.

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