Top 4 Tips To Secure Your Retail Store

February 4, 2021

Top 4 Tips To Secure Your Retail Store

Security is something that should never be anything but a top priority for every business person. However, most business owners of small corporations such as store retailers in Canada tend to ignore it until something goes wrong. After that, security catapults to the top of the to-do list, but it makes little difference since most of the damage has already been done.

Retail stores lose hundreds and thousands of dollars every year as a result of retail crime. Whether it is employee theft, fraud, vandalism, data breaches, or shoplifting, retail crime significantly affects profit margins and puts employees and consumers at risk. So, how can we improve the security inside our stores?

Below are the top five tips in which you can use to enhance the security of your retail business.

Use CCTV Cameras Around The Shop

The use of CCTV cameras in the retail industry holds immense importance. Thieves and burglars always survey the store before they carry out their activities, and the presence of CCTV cameras around the store can scare them off. Data shows that it significantly reduces crime rates, and the chances of stealing or breaking into your business is a lot less likely. A criminal will always prefer to target a store that has no CCTV cameras than retail shops that do.

Security cameras are also an effective way to discourage other criminal activities such as shoplifting, vandalism, employee theft, workplace harassment, money fraud, and more that may happen inside a store.

Criminals prefer not to commit a crime from a retail shop with CCTV cameras because they don’t want to risk being identified and arrested by the police. Moreover, 20-30% of criminals that are caught committing a crime are repeat offenders and may receive strict punishments and penalties.

Install Alarm Monitoring System For Efficient Response

Alarm monitoring systems are a great way to maintain quick, effective, and efficient communication between your security system, security providers, and law and enforcement authorities. It helps alert the concerned authorities almost immediately, who then dispatch security patrol to the business to have a look and see what’s wrong. In retail stores, for example, any suspicious activity can trigger the alarm and alert the alarm owner and the store’s security guards, who can then see to the situation.

At GPS Security Group, we provide a comprehensive alarm monitoring system. Through our highly advanced services, you have remote access to your security system from your store at all times and can monitor your security cameras through your smartphone or digital device.

Employ Security Guards And Floor-walkers To Prevent Theft

Hiring extra staff and security guards to prevent theft and other crimes might seem like an expensive idea at first, but it sure will save you a lot of lost revenue in the long run. Criminals have become smart and may put on acts that distract regular staff. However, if you have floor-walkers and multiple security guards at your facility, they can quickly handle the situation.

A floor-walker can help the staff solve the dispute or serve the customers while the security officers remain discreetly on the lookout. Moreover, the security guards can keep suspicious people in check and prevent the situation from escalating and becoming dangerous for bystanders.

Put Up Security Signage And Alarm Stickers

Putting up security signs and alarm stickers is an inexpensive way to ward off criminals. Installing security signage in places not visible to shopkeepers can discourage people from carrying out criminal activities such as shoplifting violence or harassing customers or staff.

These signs could be: “There is 24/7 CCTV Surveillance in this store,” ” ABC Security Company protects this store,” “Our company will take strict legal action against the offender,” and other such signs. These security signs are affordable and do an excellent job of keeping criminals away from your business.

GPS Security Group provides state-of-the-art retail security throughout Western Canada. For more information, visit our website or contact us today for personalized service.


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