Top 4 Qualities Of A Great Security Guard Officer

November 18, 2020

Top 4 Qualities Of A Great Security Guard Officer

Providing security to buildings full of people is a responsibility an ordinary person would want to avoid. This is because they know what will be at stake if they make even one small mistake. However, no matter how daunting and dangerous it gets, good security officers are always there to make sure things are kept under control.

Providing a security service is a serious matter. A security firm must exercise caution and hire highly trustworthy, mature, and watchful people, and GPS Security Group goes above and beyond to find the right people for the job.

There are certain qualities an expert security officer must possess to tackle all sorts of emergencies. Below are these qualities that can make any security officer the best in the industry.


A great security officer must always be on guard, so nothing catches him by surprise. He should be aware of his surroundings and stay alert at all times. An unobservant officer might overlook a problem that can become a hazard and put hundreds of lives at risk. Demonstrating alertness helps security officers focus on their job and avoid distractions. It ensures they tackle a crime before it can harm anyone or anything they are trying to protect.

Critical Thinking

Staying alert is one thing, but without the ability to think critically about a situation and how its solutions may play out, a security guard might take actions that can hurt someone. For this reason, it is essential to find a vigilant security guard who is quick in using his logic and reasoning skills to analyze and evaluate a problem and its various solutions. This will allow him to choose the best course of action to minimize disruption and prevent adverse outcomes.

An officer who can reason about things going on in his surroundings can catch or discourage deviant behavior of potential thieves, vandals, and criminals. To think rationally and clearly, an officer must control his emotions and remain calm, alert, and assertive in stressful situations.


For a security guard to efficiently do his job, he needs to communicate and disseminate information to his team members accurately and assertively. For this reason, a security guard must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. Good writing skills help security officers to provide accurate documentation, incident reports, records and logs.

Furthermore, security officers often interact with employees, customers, or clients of people they work for, so politeness and a friendly attitude is key to everyone having a good day.


Trustworthiness and honesty are the most crucial elements to look for when hiring a security guard. If a security officer has all the qualities mentioned above but lacks this one, hiring him will be a big mistake. Apart from protecting everyone’s life, a security guard is also responsible for protecting organizational assets, cash, inventory, and property. And when there is a matter of money involved, not everyone can be trusted.

Therefore, before hiring a security officer independently, always do a background check. However, it is considered best to approach a renowned and reliable security firm for security guard services. These Security firms, such as GPS Security Group, have the most expert and trained security officers on their team.

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