Major Responsibilities Of A Security Guard

October 8, 2020

Major Responsibilities Of A Security Guard

A security guard working for a professional security company has a full set of responsibilities. Security guards must perform their duties with utter responsibility and not show negligence to the guidelines, principles, and duties assigned to them. Some of the fundamental responsibilities of a security guard are mentioned below;

Must be visible

A security guard’s job is different from that of a detective. A security guard must remain visible to the public. It does not only tell people that the building is secured by professionally trained security guards but also helps to keep stalkers, criminals, and other malicious people away from the premises.

If a security guard remains visible to the people inside and outside the premises, several criminal attempts can be prevented. It’s better to prevent unfortunate incidents as compared to letting the thieves or burglars in and then having to take them down forcefully. It is best to show criminals the force you have and not have to use it by scaring them away.

Alertness is key

One of the most fundamental responsibilities of a security guard is to remain alert on duty and even off duty. Unless he remains alert, he will not be able to take the timely action for preventing crime or any other unpeaceful incident. An alert security guard is able to respond to any suspicious action by someone or any incident such as the sound of a door being opened or closed.

Security guards of a professional security company are trained to keep themselves alert even during the periods of their shift when there is nobody to talk to and nothing to do except wait for something to happen. The basic prerequisite of being a security guard is to have the capability to be alert all day or all night long.

Keen observation and reporting ability

A security guard has the responsibility to observe any abnormal activity in or around the premises and report it to other team members, higher management, and/or the building owner. It enables the response force to take adequate action in time. A person roaming outside the premises may not look threatening, but being able to intercept his intentions to sneak into the property and do any kind of damage on closer inspection is one of the skills a security guard must have.

A highly trained security guard must have the required observation skills to observe the intentions of every action or anything happening around. A true professional security guard will take every sound and every action as a possible attempt of a criminal trying to sneak into a building and do damage.

Fast reactions

A security guard’s responsibility is to react to any potential threat in a rapid manner. The quicker the action of the security guard, the less damage and loss that will be done to the building. He must be physically and mentally fit to react, run, and communicate in minimum time to reduce and limit the damage. A lazy response might give the criminal ample of time to do his job and get away uncaptured. It’s very significant for a security guard to be able to act quickly and have fast reactions.

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