April 18, 2018

To be alert every time is the chief criteria to be a good security officer. A security officer is the one who closely monitors the interiors and the exteriors of his surrounding. At times, a premise may not have any security systems installed, and he may be the only person monitoring the entire premise. Therefore, when … Continue reading “What Makes A Good Security Officer”

April 16, 2018

When it comes to the matter of our security, we take extra care and necessary measures to prevent any problems. We implement the best possible security mechanisms to safeguard our property and ourselves. One common suggestion made by many is to contact a security company for their specialized services. These specialized services are designed to … Continue reading “What Services Do Security Companies Provide”

April 13, 2018

Oil camps are considered to be one of the most dangerous working sites in the world. Numerous hazards, accidents, and mishaps can take place on these sites and cause extensive losses and damages. In order to take care of such highly unsafe camp lots, the security also has to be alert and efficient. The oil … Continue reading “Duties Of An Oil Camp Security Guard”

April 11, 2018

There are several instances when having a security officer has successfully avoided a tragic incident. To avoid any tragic incident and provide proper security, a security guard is expected to be physically and mentally sound. Also, he needs to have a variety of equipment that assists him in this task. Let’s take a look at … Continue reading “4 Essential Security Equipment A Security Officer Should Have”

April 9, 2018

We surely want to ensure the security of our family members and also our valuables. Whether it is internal or external threats; we are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that our loved ones are safe. Every day when we leave from office, we wish to reach home to a safe, smiling, and … Continue reading “Why Are Home Alarms A Must Today?”

April 5, 2018

We understand the security concerns people have when it comes to securing their valuables. Now there are several security devices to ensure that your property is safe. One such equipment is the security camera, which is an integral part of security systems at any place. If you are planning to install security cameras at your … Continue reading “How To Place Security Cameras Rightly”

March 22, 2018

We understand the importance of having proper security measures at various places. Unlike other security measures such as CCTV, mobile patrol security offers the benefit of patrolling a large area in short time. There are several benefits of mobile patrolling when used at specific locations. Let’s take a look at five places you need mobile patrol security … Continue reading “Security Company In Red Deer Alberta: 5 Places You Need Mobile Patrol Security”

March 21, 2018

Mobile surveillance systems enable you to monitor your construction site and identify dangerous situations. They are beneficial for different business sectors and enhances the security of business operations. Construction sites are often large and require continuous monitoring. Let’s take a look at how mobile surveillance can become useful for your construction site. Prevent Theft A construction site … Continue reading “Security Company In Red Deer Alberta: How Can You Use Mobile Surveillance System At Construction Sites”

March 18, 2018

Wish to hire security officers to enhance the safety of your business? Wondering how mobile patrols can help? The purpose of a mobile patrol security guard is quite different from a stationary security officer. These officers are known to provide protection to large areas. WIth mobile patrols at their disposal, businesses are more secure because … Continue reading “Alberta Security Company: Why Your Business Needs Mobile Patrols”

March 14, 2018

One of the primary tasks of security personnel includes patrolling premises and monitoring it to prevent any security breach. Reporting and managing any abnormal behavior of people around the premises is also the responsibility of security officers in Calgary. There are two types of security personnel- a security guard and a security officer. People often … Continue reading “Security Officer Calgary: Difference Between Security Guards And Security Officers”

March 12, 2018

The image of a security guard in our minds is that of a someone who protects us from dangers and saves our property from intruders. We always look for a person who is strong with quick reflexes to hire as a security guard. The idea is to protect ourselves and our property from potential dangers. But … Continue reading “Security Guard In Alberta: Importance Of CPR And First-Aid Training For Security Guards”

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