Why Is Security Important For The Cannabis Industry?

May 13, 2022

Why Is Security Important For Cannabis Industry

Now that 13 states in Canada have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the potential for its growth has skyrocketed more and more rapidly.

Numerous studies show that the cannabis market has been growing by 20% to 30% each year and it is currently predicted that by the end of 2026 the cannabis industry will be valued at more than 50 billion USD.

But with all the boom in the cannabis industry, it is important to keep in mind that if you are a cannabis business owner then you need to be extra careful. You will need to hire a certified security guard company to protect your merchandise, prevent theft and guarantee compliance with the local guidelines.

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So if you run a cannabis business then there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders as you need to comply with the local laws and need to protect your products from theft.

Hence by hiring a certified security company you can prevent theft and can protect your merchandise. The cannabis and security industry go hand in hand as without one the other cannot exist properly.

In this blog post, we will discuss why security is important for the cannabis industry.

The Importance Of Security In The Cannabis Market

The high demand for cannabis justifies the need for extra security. Certified security services are more than just a precautionary measure as these services will not only protect your business but will also increase your business income.

According to a study , one in two cannabis outlets are targeted with losses reaching as much as 50,000 dollars for every cannabis outlet theft. Moreover, in the last calendar year, 17% of dispensaries were robbed. These numbers themselves show why security is important for the cannabis market.

The monetary losses are not the only reason for added security, since marijuana was in the past classified as an illegal substance, hence the government is heavily invested in its regulation.

Therefore you will see that the government requires additional protection for dispensaries and growth facilities on top of the basic security measures.

All these requirements are frequently checked before businesses are allowed to operate. So if you run a cannabis business then make sure you hire a certified security guard company, certified security guard companies have trained professionals who will make sure that all local regulations are met.

Cannabis Security Measures

There are some security measures that are used in retail businesses as well as for cannabis security. These security measures include cameras all over the store, with particularly one camera always pointing directly at the cash register.

Most security measures are typically required by the state. Here are some cannabis security measures that you should have in your facility if you want to achieve smooth operations:

  • Cannabis businesses need a tight access control system for their building, they should have strong surveillance placed on all the exit and entrance points leading to the store or the growth facility.
  • All areas such as the growth facility and exit/entry point should be constantly monitored.
  • The storage areas of your cannabis facility must be secure and safe with 24 hours video surveillance.
  • All security measures should be properly documented, this means that you should have a record of every person entering and exiting your facility.

Penalty For Non-Compliance

If you run a cannabis business and don’t comply with the security guidelines then you are at risk of losing your business.

Your license to sell cannabis can be revoked within minutes if you don’t comply with all the security regulations.

In worse case scenarios additional penalties may be sanctioned on your business by the regulatory bodies depending upon the violation. Apart from financial penalties, it is also possible that you might have to serve jail time due to poor security measures.

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