Factors To Consider When Installing A Video Monitoring System

April 21, 2022

Factors To Consider When Installing A Video Monitoring System

‘A crime-free world.’

Indeed, the above statement depicts an incredible picture where many of us would want to see ourselves in the future. However, those before us also dreamt of the same future. Thus, the truth is that a totally crime-free world is a wonderful dream but an unachievable reality. Despite advancements in technology and the resulting security enhancements, crime remains a major concern in our society in one way or another.

As leading providers of the most reliable security services in Edmonton and other parts of Western Canada, we believe in the reality that security is and will always be the most critical aspect of every commercial and residential setting. Even if all the geniuses worldwide where to put their heads together to devise the best security system in the world, there will always be a group of malicious brainiacs who will come together to find a way to circumvent the security mechanisms.

As wise men say, “good and bad shall always coexist.” Consequently, the battle against crime is unending.

However, the latter does not mean that you will have to leave your business at the mercy of these criminals just because the threat of crime is inescapable. Conversely, you should take every possible precaution to suppress the threat for as long as possible. Hence, you need to pursue better ways of securing your commercial site continuously. Of course, the offenders will be working equally as hard to break your wall of security, but the secret is to never give up.

A video surveillance system is one of the most successful endeavors in this area. It has proven to be an impressive crime-prevention strategy. This blog addresses the factors to consider before implementing this strategy in your organization.

Think Before You Leap

Unlike other physical security measures, which rarely invade other people’s privacy, video surveillance is quite a sensitive matter. Apart from the latter, it is also a massive investment. Hence, you as a business owner must do your homework before rushing to install a system. In this regard, you need to scrutinize your business’s needs and those of your employees from various angles.

Consider the following aspects before implementing a video surveillance system:

The Company’s Requirements

Simply injecting money into your security system is worthless if the measures are extrinsic to the security needs of your organization. For example, if you spend millions on cybersecurity for your jewelry business when the biggest threat it faces is theft, all your hard work will go down the drain.

Likewise, you need to analyze the precise needs of your organization before implementing a video surveillance system. Consider the size of your firm, as this will determine the number of CCTV cameras you’ll need to purchase. Moreover, you also need to understand which type of camera will suit you better and fall within your budget. Do you need a wireless camera, or will a conventional one suffice? Does a bullet camera meet the need, or will you require a dome camera?

Areas of Importance

This point is very closely related to the one above, but we decided to address it separately in light of its cruciality. While determining the number and type of cameras, you must keep in mind the most sensitive areas and those that require the least surveillance. For example, you could install expensive cameras with many valuable features in important areas and go with bullet cameras for areas with the least threat.

Employee Privacy

The law requires you to let people know that they are being watched. Therefore, you need to formally convey the implementation of a video surveillance system to your employees before implementing it. Otherwise, they might feel that their privacy is being invaded.

Legal Permissions

Similarly, if the position of your cameras is likely to affect other businesses or residential dwellings, you need to seek formal permission from the relevant authorities. You must effectively communicate the matter to the appropriate people and request that they grant you written permission to install the cameras. The latter will prevent disputes over confidentiality in the future.

Reliability Of The Security Service Provider

Last but not least, you must ensure that the security service provider handling the task is reputable and reliable. While some security providers will show recklessness when handling an organization’s sensitive information, others may even turn out to be scammers and perpetrators. Hence, do proper research and seek out the best amongst the best providers of video monitoring services to ensure your premises are in safe hands.

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