June 2, 2018

Security is an aspect that cannot be taken lightly when it comes to school. You need to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the school premises, avoid any mishap or accidents within the premises, and secure the lives of children and school staff from potential threats. Now there are several security measures to strengthen your school … Continue reading “Why Does a School Need Access Control System?”

May 22, 2018

Do you own a parking lot for your hotel or office space? If yes, you might be well aware of the consequences of not securing your parking lot. Even after having followed all the regulations and assigning a security officer in Calgary parking lots, your area may not be completely secure. You do need additional … Continue reading “Benefits Of Parking Lot Security Cameras”

May 19, 2018

A fire can break out because of numerous reasons. Some of the reasons responsible for igniting a fire are hazardous substances, faulty electrical equipment, mishandling of flammable liquids, etc. If you have fire watch security guards located at your unit, then you can prevent massive damages on account of a fire. The main responsibility of a … Continue reading “Where Are The Fire Watch Security Guards Useful”

May 18, 2018

Just like how you take measures to secure outdoor events, indoor events too need to be secured with the help of security equipment and professionals. Only because the event is held inside a building or structure, it doesn’t mean it is safe and secure. Some safety concerns include theft, intruders causing nuisance, and damage to the … Continue reading “4 Ways To Ensure Your Indoor Event’s Safety”

May 15, 2018

According to Statistics Canada, the province of Alberta recorded nearly 28000 cases of break-ins and over 90000 cases of non-motor vehicle theft in 2016. The data indicate that burglary is still a valid threat to the residents in Alberta, and homeowners should be aware and prepared for it. When it comes to securing your home, your valuables, … Continue reading “Three Common Burglary Myths Busted”

May 14, 2018

Whether you need to store the raw materials and finished goods in manufacturing units or in warehouses, you need overall warehouse security. With the help of various security equipment such as smoke and fire detectors, flame detectors and metal detectors, security cameras, alarm systems, etc., you can be assured that your valuables are secured. If … Continue reading “Various Detectors For Manufacturing Units And Warehouses”

May 9, 2018

There are several reasons to install a home alarm system. A security alarm immediately informs security authorities about situations so that they can take immediate corrective or preventive actions. However, there are times when a fake alarm is raised due to certain reasons. Apart from wasting a security authority’s time, you may have to pay a … Continue reading “Causes Of A Fake Alarm”

May 7, 2018

If you are shifting into a new house, then it’s security is the most important thing which you need to consider. Apart from getting good locks for your doors, there are multiple things that can help you to strengthen the security of your home. And if your home is situated in a neighborhood that has … Continue reading “Security Needs For A New House”

May 4, 2018

Technology plays a vital role in providing security to the airport. It enhances the effectiveness of security services. There are many security measures for an airport, such as passenger pre-board screening, non-passenger screening, hold baggage screening, security guards, and mobile patrol security. These security measures can secure an airport in the following ways. 1. Metal … Continue reading “How Can You Secure The Airport”

April 27, 2018

For a property like a retail store, security measures have to be taken. And when you have a big retail store, a single CCTV camera isn’t sufficient. You need to secure your property with extra surveillance. By surveillance, we not only mean video surveillance systems that need to be installed. Physical surveillance provided by security guards is … Continue reading “4 Reasons Your Retail Store Needs Extra Surveillance”

April 20, 2018

A lot happens when you reside in a closely knit residential neighborhood. You become a part of a community that has its own events, picnics, and get-togethers. Apart from the social events, the community as a whole has many important decisions to take. One such important decision is regarding the safety and security of the … Continue reading “Why Does Your Residential Neighborhood Need Patrol Security Guards?”

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