October 6, 2016

Rather than have a security guard or police car outside your home, you can simulate home security through security signs. Fake Security Signs are an easy and cheaper alternative to the many home solutions out there and the big question on your mind is – Do they really work? Visible window and door locks Locks … Continue reading “Do Fake Security Signs Work?”

September 30, 2016

You walk into your office and you find all of your hardware to be secure. All your customer data is safely encrypted and so is all of your software. Yes. But, the only problem is you are living in a perfect world- which is  hot in our dimension. You have to expect problems to occur. … Continue reading “How to Have Security Awareness at the Office?”

September 30, 2016

Schools are considered to be the safest places for children. Although many schools are safe, others can be as susceptible to crime and violence as other environments. The major obstacle keeping schools from achieving a secure environment is “Denial”. The officials are of the opinion that “crime cannot happen in school” and this prevents them … Continue reading “Is Your School Campus Safe?”

September 28, 2016

What exactly is physical information security? Physical information security is the intersection, the common ground between physical security and information security. It primarily concerns the protection of tangible information-related assets such as computer systems and storage media against physical, real-world threats such as unauthorized physical access, theft, fire and flood. In order to setup a … Continue reading “How To Protect Private Information”

September 22, 2016

Many burglaries could be prevented if people didn’t make so many home security errors. If a burglar is absolutely determined to get into your home in particular, he will probably find a way. But as long as you avoid making mistakes (like leaving a window unlocked), most burglars will skip your home in search of … Continue reading “Home security mistakes you don’t want to make”

September 20, 2016

It is typical to believe that having one camera that covers an entire room is all you need to keep your business or home secure, but is that true? What if the area you want to cover is a lobby, a large office space, or even your front porch, will one camera be enough to … Continue reading “Does your home have enough surveillance”

September 16, 2016

You see a person suddenly collapse on the road. The medics say it was a cardiac arrest. Had she gotten CPR in under the span of 5 minutes she would’ve lived. You wake up trying to shake off that horrible dream. So what would’ve happened had it been a real scenario? The poor old lady … Continue reading “Why Should You Learn CPR?”

September 14, 2016

In today’s world, safety is a matter of surmount concern. You cannot take things for granted and hence every employer needs to carefully handle the matters pertaining to workplace safety. Here you can find a few steps to help you increase place workplace safety. Create a safe environment It is important to cultivate a safe, … Continue reading “Keep Your Workplace Safe”

August 30, 2016

Mobile patrol guard service is a very effective visible deterrent. They are capable of removing any unauthorized people from the site and they can help to keep theft away. It is one of the best security services for events. They help to ease your security concerns. A mobile patrol guard service is cost-effective and is … Continue reading “Benefits Of Mobile Patrol Security Guard Service”

August 30, 2016

Everyone deserves to live in a home that is completely safe. Although you cannot guarantee absolute security to houses, you can always try to make it as safe as possible. You often tend to make a hasty decision when selecting your home’s security system. It is very important to invest in security systems that will … Continue reading “Security Systems For Houses”

August 23, 2016

Having surveillance systems in commercial buildings will not only protect the workplace but also the employees. Most of the commercial buildings have security guards, but it is not possible for the guards to provide complete protection from all the potential threats. This is where CCTV surveillance systems play an important role. They provide security to … Continue reading “Importance Of Surveillance Systems For Commercial Buildings”

August 23, 2016

When we think of home security, the garage is at times neglected . This could be problematic, as garage is one of the most vulnerable areas when it comes to burglary. There are various items in the garage such as the power tools, lawn mowers, and cars which are very appealing to the thieves. Also, … Continue reading “Is Your Garage Under Surveillance?”

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