Managing Cannabis Plantations with the Help of Video Surveillance

December 10, 2018

Video Surveillance

In 2001, the government of Canada brought in the first legislation to grant permission for cannabis consumption for medical reasons. Medical marijuana crops are very expensive to grow and produce. The cannabis industry is changing faster due to the ever-increasing demands. Many entrepreneurs around the world consider investing in recreational cannabis production in America and Canada. Licensed marijuana growers face many security restrictions from the government. The government of Canada has created a statement of physical security requirements for producers of cannabis for medical reasons. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor facility, video surveillance is critical to comply with state laws and regulations. Security services with cameras serve as a reliable tool for capturing any suspicious incidents. Here are some areas where video surveillance can help you manage your cannabis plantations.

Enables Remote Monitoring

Video surveillance enables remote/mobile control. Remote/mobile monitoring allows the dispensary or growth facility operators to monitor crops without being physically present on the site. The facility of mobile monitoring ensures that every plant is harvested properly meeting the high standards. It also helps to monitor the daily operations of cannabis plantations through live and recorded footage. By keeping track of the activity using remote monitoring would prevent low-quality products and edibles from reaching the customer.

Reduces Chance of Theft

The dispensary managers are not always at the cash register to make sure that all the sales of the day add up correctly. The use of video surveillance will be beneficial when the cameras are placed strategically above the cash register. Having video surveillance prevents theft by employees and discourages the shoplifters. Dispensary manager will be aware of any fraudulent activities through video surveillance. Video surveillance prevents employees from giving unauthorized discounts at the sale counters. It helps you to monitor growth operations, cash safe and other restricted areas containing the storage. It also helps to create a vandal-proof space.

Makes Your Business Compliant

Managing cannabis plantations is not easy as the government keeps a close eye on your business. Cannabis is a banned product in many countries. The government of Canada has a strict framework with stringent security standards and codes that have to be met by a licensed cannabis grower. The government has strict laws of video surveillance for cannabis plantations. It is mandatory for all the cannabis plantations to have 24/7 video security services. Making your cannabis business compliant with the government’s rules and regulations will help you run your business in a safe and efficient manner.

Video surveillance is vital for your augment safety. It creates a protective housing for your plantations and also helps to minimize physical damage. It is important to have weather and water resistant cameras while installing at the back and the front door. It is difficult for licensed cannabis grower to meet all the needs concerning video surveillance. Contact GPS Security Group project specialists to avail security services for your business. We will carefully examine your property and determine the video surveillance requirement for your business. We offer security services in Edmonton, Calgary, Lloydminister and Red Deer.


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