What Is In a Crisis Management Plan?

December 3, 2018

Crisis Management

Crisis management is a useful foundation to understand the framework relating to a crisis. It helps to outline the process that the organization responds to the critical situation. There is almost 51 percent of board members who claim that their companies have playbooks for likely crisis scenarios. If your company is not one of them, it is time that you start planning the crisis management plan in your company.

If you are new, and you do not know where to begin, here are some key steps to understand what is in a crisis management plan.

Assess Your Security Risks

You need to evaluate the risks that can disrupt the functioning of the business. Work with a professional security service provider to analyze the possible threats and vulnerabilities that can impact your business. It helps to get valuable inputs and suggestions from experienced security personnel.

Identify the Security Problem

List the possible solutions towards the risks that can affect your business. The solutions should contain actions that will help your company to respond effectively to a crisis. Solutions should be realistic. It should be discussed in the presence of all the executives responsible for the implementation of the solution. It helps to make quick decisions to limit damage and potential crisis.

Create a Crisis Plan

Build a plan for damage control and to avoid the crisis. Calculate the risks and plan accordingly. Assign crisis communication with the operational plan. The operational plan should contain similar notifications with crisis communication to avoid confusion. Review the current operation policies and emergency plans to build a better and reliable strategy.

Assign Crisis Team Members

Familiarize the crisis team members to the employees. Include a backup person to communicate when the main crisis team is not responding. Make a list of people who can be contacted during the crisis. Create contact lists for each and every crisis scenario. It is essential for all the employees to understand their roles during an emergency.

Create Crisis Procedures 

Create relatable emergency procedures to make it foolproof. Creating systems makes it easier to follow during a crisis. It helps to make quick decisions to limit damage and potential disaster. Procedures should be known to the employees through training sessions and living documents.

Integration with Other Emergency Plans

Up-to-date plans are required to make quick decisions during the crisis. It is essential to revisit the plan to make any necessary changes. Coordinating emergency planning with public services is a must. As technology is creating new ways to solve problems, a crisis management plan has to be reviewed and tested to be up to date. A crisis management plan based on the latest technologies would be far more effective in case of unavoidable emergencies.

Having a crisis management plan is essential to create safety and security in the organization. If you suspect that the elements of your plan are not enough to handle a real crisis, GPS security group provides crisis management services especially for corporates. Our crisis management services safeguard your employees and the company from any potential crisis. For more details contact us now!


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