Why Is it Necessary to Have Healthcare Security in Hospital?

January 2, 2019

Healthcare Security in Hospital

A hospital is a busy place, dealing with patients to provide medical assistance, comfort, and care. Patients always expect the hospital as a haven. Identifying any antisocial element in a crowd is difficult. As a result, many unexpected, undesirable situations do keep happening in the hospitals. Many healthcare institutions have a separate security department called ‘security service’ to minimize and counter these unwanted situations. Healthcare security staff can also come to aid when a medical or nursing staff requests their assistance. So why is it necessary to have healthcare security in the hospital? Here are some points to answer this question.

Patrol and Monitor the Entire Premises

Hospitals are vulnerable environments to threats like violence and theft. The environment of the hospital has a huge impact on the well-being of the patients. Healthcare security guards are trained to patrol the area and locate any threats. These guards are trained to identify potential threats and vandals or notice any suspicious incidents. Healthcare guards are trained to alert the workers in case of a potential fire breakout. They can also help in the evacuation of people from the site.

Manage Patients and Family

A poor hospital environment can significantly raise stress levels of both the patients and their family members. Hospitals are a busy place for doctors who need to treat the patients and take immediate actions. During these situations, any unnecessary interferences can cause trouble for both the patients and their families.

Healthcare guards are trained to deal with angry and unmanageable people. They know how to de-escalate the situation by speaking calmly without validating the person’s feelings. When de-escalation strategies fail, security guards can safely secure the angry person and evacuate the person from the building. The presence of security personnel also discourages angry people from issuing threats.

Prevent Violence, Theft or Harassment

The causes of violence in healthcare facilities are subject to the changing pattern and type of situations. Hundreds of people are busy addressing the needs of patients. Guards can stop inappropriate behaviors such as violence and harassment. It can discourage people from inappropriate behaviors. Healthcare guards are also trained to record any incidents for law enforcement officers to act quickly and appropriately.

Control Access in Hospital Areas

Not all hospital workers are allowed to enter sensitive areas of the hospital. Healthcare security prevents unauthorized access with locks, assess control and security systems in the hospital. Healthcare security can use video surveillance to monitor people who enter and exit at various locations in the hospital. It can prevent intruders who could harm patients and employees in the hospital.

Healthcare security guard can assist health care professionals and administrators with basic duties. We provide healthcare security services in Calgary to create a safe, secure, and pleasant environment for all the visitors, patients and staff in your hospital.


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