Types of Security Measures That Can Be Used at a Movie Theatre

December 28, 2018

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Cinemas, theatres and concert halls offer organized criminals and terrorists a range of potentially significant targets. After the Aurora Theatre massacre in 2012, also called as the ‘Dark Knight’ rampage in Colorado, there were almost twenty lawsuits against the theatre owner by the victims. After the incident, many movie theatres owners have taken extra security measures. Robust protective security measures help to minimize the risk of terrorism. If you own, operate, manage or work in the cinema and theatre business and you need protective security advice, here are some security measures that you may consider.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras would make the audiences feel safer by demonstrating the seriousness of the theatre security. The security cameras can keep a check on the audience behavior as they are aware of getting recorded. It helps to discourage any potentially risky behavior. Having cameras helps the security professionals to be vigilant. Not all the measures proposed are designed to stop an attack physically. However, cameras allow security personnel to survey the venue. Therefore security cameras help the security personnel determine whether any suspicious individuals keep coming back to familiarise themselves with the territory.

Security Guards

Security professionals are trained to look for and assess the specific behaviors and body language exhibited by the audiences while making their way inside the theatre. A security presence at the venue is not only important to prevent terrorist attacks but also discourage disorderly behavior at the theatre in general. You should be careful to ensure that the security personnel should not be intimidating to the customer. A friendly host creates a friendly environment. It makes it easier for the audience to approach the guard if they find anything suspicious happening at the theatre.

Metal Detector Doors

One of the most visible security measures implemented in most of the major theatres in a metal frame screening. Installation of walk-through metal detectors at the main entrance is effective. The use of metal frames detectors prevents a person from bringing their firearm into the venue. Metal detector doors, when combined with routine bag checks, can be effective. You may consider the possible consequences when merging the metal frame detectors with bag checks as it is an optional choice.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are mandatory to install in theatre. In case of a fire, the alarm systems help to notify the crowd to take precautionary measures. Fire alarms merged with suppression systems can prevent the fire from spreading. Fire alarm systems help the security to control the situation and notify the authorities.

Sniffer Dogs

Owners can check the proceedings of the venue discreetly and decide whether the venue needs sniffer dogs. Sniffer dogs are now being used regularly as an additional measure during the audience let-in. When it is combined with metal frame screening and bag checks, it creates a robust security infrastructure for the theatre. The sniffer dogs are trained to detect explosives. You might prevent a tragedy in your theatre by utilizing such trained dogs.

Security protocols and procedures vary from theatre to theatre. It depends on the layout, number of entrances and location of the venue. Assess the venue and conduct audience surveys to understand the implementation challenges of any drastic security measures. Check that no facility stands out as being an easy target because a movie theatre can be an obvious choice for anyone with the deadly motivation to attack. If you own, operate, and manage a movie theatre or a cinema in Red Deer, and looking for a security service provider for your venue, then contact us, as we provide professional and vigilant security for movie theatres in Red Deer.

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