Digital Surveillance and It’s Benefits

December 7, 2018

Digital Surveillance

Digital surveillance is highly prevalent in this digital age. Digital surveillance is used mostly for protecting assets, providing security services to people, having safety and security assurance, etc. A long time ago, analog systems were used to ensure safety and security. Modern technology has become more versatile and efficient. Due to the changing technology, digital surveillance has got more preference than analog systems. Having a multitude of capabilities, here are some benefits of digital surveillance.

Collects Information Digitally

Digital surveillance creates an efficient process to transfer information. It is easier to transfer data digitally through digital surveillance. In most cases, DVR (Digital Video Recorder) used by analog systems is replaced with NVR (Network Video Recorder). NVR makes it easier to convert the information into digital format. Digital surveillance helps to compress information before its transmission.

Provides Superior Quality

Analog systems provided grainy videos, degraded image, and unclear audio recordings. It made it challenging to spot vandalism or theft and take necessary preventions. Digital surveillance offers high-quality photos and videos than the long grainy videos from analog systems.

Provides Control

Digital surveillance offers remote access. Having remote access gives the ability to control systems. Remote access helps you control visitor management systems and building management. It helps to monitor and provide access given by the user easily.

Tracks Movement

Vandalism and theft are common risks which every business have to take in consideration. Having security is essential in today’s world. Digital surveillance can control the flow of visitors and guests. It helps them to move freely and provides safety and security services without any distortion. Digital monitoring provides login options to view footage and monitor.

Installs Easily

Analog systems use coaxial, audio, and power cables which limits the expansion of the security network. Digital surveillance only needs switches to connect. Traditional systems required federal regulations while transmitting the wireless system. With digital surveillance, it is easier to encrypt and protect information according to users needs.

Saves Time and Cost

Using digital surveillance saves expenses and time. Products in digital surveillance provide excellent quality with wider viewing angles. Therefore a few cameras are needed to cover space. The new systems use CAT-5 wiring and Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) technology. The POE technology helps to combine video and power in one cable. All you have to do is run the CAT-5 wire into nearby POE switch. Digital surveillance has distributed intelligence. This intelligence is a system that can monitor feeds and pick up events. The video recorded can be long and time consuming to watch. Distributed intelligence helps to spot activities and specified behavior through recognition of movement patterns in the video. Alerts are generated and sent to the security team if there are any unusual behavior.

Digital surveillance is advantageous for companies, event managers, residents, and government. It helps to improve the productivity of daily tasks without bothering about security and safety. It creates a safe environment and helps to do your tasks more efficiently.

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