How to Stop Piracy and Conduct Investigations

December 17, 2018

Piracy and Conduct Investigations

Piracy is a major threat to a content production company. The content pirates can reproduce your content at a fraction of your original production cost. For ex – your software company might be working on an app which has a huge potential. You have hugely invested a lot of capital, time and efforts on the app. In case, an unscrupulous employee, sells your idea and the app blueprints to your competitor before it is launched then all of your effort and investment goes in vain. Here are our tips to prevent piracy.

Register Your Copyrighted Work

You need to register your work with the copyright office to be protected by corporate law. Register your work within the first three months of starting a project. Registering your work with the corporate office enables you to sue an infringer in the federal court. The application process is simple and inexpensive.

Prevent Movie Piracy

Movie piracy can affect the livelihood and incomes of everyone including emerging and established artists associated with the movie industry such as- actors, producers, and directors. There are multiple ways in which videos, including movies, are downloaded and distributed illegally. Major Hollywood studios have the resources and reach to track illegal downloads and streams. They may also come to know the source of the video. In their efforts to prevent piracy, these studios can track the theatres where the film was recorded and can initiate legal action against them.

As a result, many theatres are stepping up their efforts to prevent movie piracy by hiring security to search for camcorders at the openings of blockbuster movies. Professional security thus can help you to avoid penalties or charges by the Hollywood studios and prevent piracy. Hire security guards to monitor the audience with infrared cameras or X-ray glasses. The security personnel can catch the people trying to record films illegally. GPS security group offers a multi-layered approach for public and private audience screenings to prevent movie piracy and conduct investigations.

Borrow Services from Government Agencies and Intermediaries

Most aggressive copyright owners need help for enforcing their rights. Pirates are sneaky and devise new ways to engage in piracy without being detected. The best way to effectively address your privacy problem is to involve federal, state, and other government agencies, responsible for enforcement. Intermediaries such as search engines, e-commerce sites, and payment processors may also help you to combat piracy when their services are involved.

Understand the Limits of Technological Solutions

Technology has got its own limitations while trying to protect your rights. For ex – watermarking is one of the technological protections to prevent copyright violations, but it can be costly and inconvenient for your legitimate customers. Not all the technological solutions would be 100% effective. Some of the technical solutions may provide a partial solution and should primarily be used to keep users honest.

Tighten Up Your License and Contracts

Value of your copyrights is closely connected to the rights that you have licensed. Audit all your license agreements which allow to use or distribution of your work by ensuring proper terms and conditions. These conditions will use clear instructions and protect your company against piracy and other illegal acts.

Hiring a professional security service provider for your company in Calgary may help you to prevent heavy losses due to piracy. GPS Securities offers security services that will help you to identify and track both licensed and unlicensed installation of software. We provide and install surveillance systems that would be helpful to prevent privacy and conduct relevant investigations.


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