July 5, 2016

Does the world seem like a scary and dangerous place to you? Yes, bad things can and do happen. But, you can reduce the risk of it happening to you by taking some precautions. Although you cannot ensure complete personal safety from every danger, you can follow some personal security tips to keep away potential … Continue reading “4 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe.”

July 1, 2016

With the growing rates of crime, personal security has become a compulsion. By taking a few precautions, you can reduce the risk to your personal security and discourage the ones committing the crime. Thieves primarily seek to remove cash or property. But such intruders are often capable of harming people and so preventive measures have … Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Personal Security”

July 1, 2016

You may have your parent’s wedding anniversary event or a college concert event under works. Whatever it maybe, the event will need security guards and a thoughtful plan to ensure the event is secure. So what do you need to check off that list to ensure your event has a tight security? Establish Ground Rules … Continue reading “Does Your Event Have A Tight Security”

June 28, 2016

It’s your wife’s 40th birth anniversary and you’re throwing a party for her this weekend. You’ve invited almost everyone from her side of the family and yours and your friends too. There’s going to be a lot of people present so you want it all well taken care of. What do you do? Contact professionals … Continue reading “Security for Your Private Club Party”

June 28, 2016

The Fort McMurray wildfire is the largest fire Alberta has even seen and you can get caught in a will fire. You will have a better chance of keeping your family safe if you are prepared and know how to react in such a scenario. There are things you can do that will help protect … Continue reading “Protect Yourself In A Wildfire”

June 21, 2016

Your wedding is probably the most important occasion in your life. And you do not want this day to be spoiled because of anything or anyone. To ensure that everything goes well you need to do a lot of proper planning. To be stress-free and enjoy your wedding peacefully you have to make proper arrangements … Continue reading “4 Tactics To Have A Secure Wedding”

June 18, 2016

The guy who taught Obi Wan, one of Batman’s arch nemesis’, Zeus himself, fighting wolves with nothing but an army knife and broken miniature bottles of alcohol and kicking ass in Europe. If you still haven’t figured out whom we’re talking about, you need to start watching more Liam Neeson films. Yes. His name has … Continue reading “Real Security Guards Are Not Liam Neeson”

June 9, 2016

Do you think birthday parties are all safe? Many people think that nothing will go wrong during their birthday party as only close friends and relatives are invited to attend the party. But, now the world is not the same as before. Birthday party security has become essential. A simple private party can be spoilt … Continue reading “Does Your Birthday Party Need Good Security?”

June 6, 2016

Events can range anything from concerts, weddings, conferences, sporting events, to other private or public functions. Security guards can help ensure that your event goes smoothly, prevent any crisis from occurring and keep the venue safe. Still not convinced? Well, here‘s more information about event security and the role security guards plays. Prevention Security guards … Continue reading “Why Securing Your Event With Guards Is Crucial”

June 4, 2016

Everyone wants to have a house which is burglar-proof. To have that, you don’t need to invest a lot of money installing an expensive security system, or barbed wire. Sometimes simple steps can be effective for your home safety. This post will help you in the simple ways you can secure your family safety. Don’t … Continue reading “6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Safe”

June 4, 2016

In the oil, gas and industrial sector, threat and risk levels can vary dramatically depending on world politics, supply and demand issues, or environmental concerns, among other things. Security will keep full logs of any entry into the camp site, and stop anyone without identification to pass through. There are also other things which can … Continue reading “What Can Security Guards Do For Your Oil Camp Site?”

May 31, 2016

Burglars love the homes that look to be unprotected as they are easy to break in. When a burglary happens at home, you lose more than only a few possessions. A break-in even when you are not at home has a great impact on your and your family’s sense of safety and well-being. It is, … Continue reading “How To Prevent A Burglary Before It Happens”

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