Top 5 Security Threats in Healthcare

September 20, 2018

5 security threats

Security is a matter of concern in every industry. From residential complexes to commercial hubs, ensuring that the people are protected from potential security threats is necessary. It is even more important in the healthcare industry as hospitals, and large clinics are public places that have many people visiting them every day. With healthcare premises being open to anyone and everyone, it is at risk of facing the following security threats.

1. Attacks on Healthcare Staff

Agitated customers are unpredictable, even in a healthcare institution. Often people do not understand that the staff is under regulations and cannot take steps just for the patient’s well-being without proper orders. This lack of understanding leads to relatives of patient’s attacking staff members of a hospital in the heat of the moment. Having a security guard on the premise will make sure that the staff members are not attacked in any such event.

2. Intruder Attacks

Intruders and hijackers can simply barge into any crowded place and hold people hostage. Hospitals are one such place where such incidents can take place. Instead of waiting for such incidents to happen, having a security system in place will ensure that the incident is avoided even before it occurs.

3. Child Abductions

Healthcare institutes generally have a neonatal care section and pregnancy wards. With the rise in human trafficking, many cases of infant abduction have been noticed in the past couple of years. For the public to able to trust your healthcare unit with their kids, you need to employ security guards. These security guards will ensure that no one enters the healthcare center without purpose and reduce the risks of kidnapping.

4. Utility Theft

Hospitals and healthcare centers are large places that stock too many utility supplies. These supplies include drugs, surgical items, medical supplies, food, etc. The theft of such items is common. Often the staff members or visitors may slip in an item without anyone noticing. To control this type of utility theft, installing security cameras is necessary. It will not only inform you about the theft but also keep the people on the premises cautious.

5. Emergency Situations

Lastly, emergency situations such as fire outbursts or gas leaks can happen unannounced. With so many patients under one roof, it is important to evacuate everyone in time. To do so, hiring experienced fire watch security guards is essential.

The responsibility of healthcare centers and hospitals does not simply stop at saving the lives of the patients with medicines. Ensuring that the patients are secure in the healthcare premise is equally important. To do so, make sure you provide proper security in your healthcare premises.



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