4 Security Tips for Jewelers

October 10, 2018

security tips for jewelersA jewelry store consists of several valuable ornaments made of platinum, gold, silver, diamonds, etc. Therefore, it is a hot target for burglars and robbers. Now as an owner, you may install all the security measures from a security service provider to keep your store safe. However, even after installing security equipment, robbers and thieves can still end up breaking into your jewelry store. Therefore, to keep your jewelry store safe, here are a few safety tips you need to follow apart from installing the security equipment.

1. Show a few items at a time

When you put multiple ornaments to show at a given moment in time, there is a chance that the burglar might pounce upon this opportunity. The offender can grab an entire tray of rings and storm straight out of your store or they may slip some jewelry into their pockets or purse and move out of the store. Therefore, make it a point to display a few items at a time.

2. Never open or close your store alone

When you open your unit alone, there is a chance that some robbers are waiting for you to open the door. Likewise, if you are planning on closing the shop alone, you might want to reconsider that. This is because, at the end of the day when most people are sleeping, it is the perfect time for robbers to strike. When you have a person along with you, he can keep a check on the surroundings while you open or close the store.

3. Use code words to alert staff

Use code language to alert your employees of any suspicious activity by a customer. For instance, if you come across a person who tries to touch the ornaments repeatedly and seems nervous, you can communicate with your employees about it. The staff members can be extra careful when dealing with such suspicious customers.

4. Secure router against cybercrime

Your jewelry store has details such as addresses, bank details, etc. of several customers. All these details can be accessed by a hacker if you don’t have the right security measures. You surely do not want your customers’ sensitive information or your company details to be stolen by hackers. To avoid this, you can encrypt your router. When you encrypt your router, hacking and accessing information becomes extremely difficult for hackers. Apart from these tips, you can also install tough glass in your jewelry shop. So when someone tries to enter and break the glass to rob you, they cannot do so. Also, always check if your alarm systems are functional or not. You can even consider two employees attending a suspicious customer. Lastly, get in touch with a security company to avail the best security services for your jewelry shop.

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