Reasons why video surveillance is important for your next event

October 7, 2018

video surveillance

Security guards cannot be everywhere at all times. Video surveillance cameras function as the second set of eyes for the security guards that keep the premises safer. Modern improvements in surveillance technology have made video surveillance the perfect security solution for conventions, concerts, and significant events where maintaining safety is a priority. The installation of video surveillance cameras and hiring of event security service guards ensures that there are no security issues during the event. Video surveillance is a one-time investment that proves to be fruitful for a substantial amount of time. The flexibility and easy usage of wireless IP cameras can make your next event more secure than ever before.

Prevent Theft

Prominently placed security video cameras prevent the robbery of guests’ belongings and convention materials. In case, if any burglary or robbery occurs, the video surveillance cameras will record complete footage of the situation. The concerned authorities and the police can take the necessary actions based on the evidence.

Crowd Control

Large events and conventions draw thousands of attendees and it’s necessary to have some crowd control measure in place. Also, during a sport event emotions of the crowd can get heated. Sports event security service has video surveillance installed to help large convention staff to monitor the crowds and spot potentially dangerous activity.

Remote Monitoring

Adding an NVR (Network Video Recorder) to your video surveillance system allows the broadcast of the recorded footage over the internet. You have the flexibility to view the footage from any of the installed cameras at any time. This breakthrough also allows you to expand your current security capabilities. Instead of watching monitors for hours on end, your security guards can perform more active duties like conduct foot patrols, watch access points, and look after the people who enter the event.

Vandalism Prevention

Cases of vandalism can be deterred by installing video surveillance cameras in the right places. These cameras help in monitoring any external and internal destruction of the building. Suitable action for punishing the culprit can be taken thereof, along with preventing such situations from occurring in the future.

Prevent Attacks and Terrorism

Sporting events, concerts of famous singers and bands, large-scale political events, etc. are seen as potential targets for terrorism. Surveillance cameras can be used to recognize potential terrorists. For instance, during a sports event, angry fans can throw objects on the playing field or involve in physical attacks. Video surveillance can spot such activity and alert the event security service to the scene before the situation gets out of hand.

For more information on how you can help boost your video surveillance at your next event or convention, get in touch with an experienced event security service provider.


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