Benefits of movie piracy security services

September 9, 2018

movie piracy securityMovies are one of the most consumed art form and the most reliable visual medium for storytelling. Making beautiful movies requires a lot of efforts and finance by filmmakers, actors, writers, studios, etc. If you own a movie studio or if you are a filmmaker, one thing that scares you the most is piracy. Piracy is similar to stealing someone else’s art and making it available for people to consume it without paying the creator for their creation. With piracy security services, you can protect your movies and avoid huge financial losses. Here are some benefits of movie piracy security services.

Reducing Loss of Money

Most popular and successful movies fall into the trap of piracy. When movies get pirated on thousands of websites or DVDs, the creators, actors and the studios do not get paid for their efforts. Calculating the loss of money for these movies is impossible as millions of people download pirated movies from multiple websites. The loss of money is usually proportional to the budget of the movie, if your movie has a big budget, you would lose more money to piracy.

Deliver High Quality

The quality of picture and sound of pirated movies is pretty low. Consumers of these pirated movies would not have a high-quality experience and this can lead to poor judgment about the original quality of the movies. Protecting your movies from piracy will ensure that your audience will always experience high-quality original content.

More Independent Films

Major studios or corporate companies do not support independent films. Filmmakers themselves pay for the budget of these films. When independent movies get pirated, filmmakers do not get the desired return on their investment, and the actors fail to get royalties for their work which can put filmmakers in critical situations and major debts. Legendary filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan started out as independent filmmakers; piracy can be holding back the next filmmaking genius who wants to make independent films.

Better Opportunities for Creators

When studios lose money on big budget movies due to piracy, they decrease their support for creative risks and focus on making more money which can primarily affect the production of art films. Art films are considered as bold and risky, and predicting the performance and box office collections of these films is difficult. Furthermore, studios would hire fewer people to control their expenses after losing money from piracy. Movie piracy security services can ensure that your studio will not lose money to piracy, which would help you hire talented and more people. Movie piracy security services will eliminate piracy related concerns for your studios and movies, which can encourage you to make more entertaining and good movies without the fear of piracy. If you want to keep your movies safe from piracy, contact us at GPS Security Group.

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