Security Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

July 19, 2016

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If you don’t give your business enough security, then you’re making a mistake. You need to protect your clients’ privileged information along with your company’s own. And for this, you need the most reliable and airtight business security. What you also need, is to stop making these common mistakes that can lead to business security breaches.

Not conducting thorough background checks while hiring

Your business security depends on the employees you hire and checking their credibility is crucial before hiring them. Running a background check to ensure they are trustworthy and are not either past felons or ex-employees of a competitor organization is not optional and you need to do this without fail. Assuming that because someone looks good on paper and they do not require a background check is one of the biggest security errors that you can make.

Not putting business security measures in place

  • The easiest way to prevent security breaches is to install state-of-the-art security equipment from reputed security companies in Calgary. These include a sound alarm system and video surveillance. Not having these security measures in place is one of the worst security errors to make which will definitely damage your company’s business security.
  • Secure doors with door alarms and security guards wherever necessary.
  • Hire mobile patrol security guards to ensure the maximum business security of an entire business premise which cannot be provided by a single security guard positioned at only the entrance of the building.
  • Implement a security clearance system for employees based on hierarchy. All employees should not have access to the different departments of a business and different floors of the building. Restrict access to private areas which are most susceptible to security breaches and ensure only select employees have access.
  • Necessitate the use of access cards for every level. Also, ensure the number of access cards issued is accounted for and that all access cards are stored safely without any risk to business security.
  • Educating your employees about the safe practices regarding business security and access control will help to ensure that security breaches do not occur. Advise all employees to refrain from sharing access cards with anyone.
  • Conduct regular security checks to determine that your business security is up-to-date.

Not installing video surveillance

Video surveillance for business security is mandatory and should not be ignored at all. It will accurately capture all activities happening at the business premise and will also act as a strong deterrent for security breaches. Monitoring the surveillance footage can be done either by trusted employees or by specially trained security guards hired especially for that purpose.

Knowing these common security errors should aid you in enhancing your business security and protecting your company from security breaches. Consulting trusted security companies in Calgary is the safest bet for complete business security.


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