Is Your Neighborhood Safe Enough?

July 7, 2016

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Are you are moving into an unfamiliar town and want to ensure that you are settling into a safe neighborhood? Or you have lived in the same home for many years, and now you have kids who are counting on you to keep them safe? Whatever may be the reason, you want to improve your neighborhood security so that you live in safe locality. This will help you protect yourself, your loved ones and all your possessions.

To easily and quickly answer the question, “Is your neighborhood safe enough?”, you have a lot of crime tracking resources. Some of the ways in which you can ensure neighborhood security are listed here.

Know Your Neighbors

If you know your neighbors properly and they know you well too, you can be aware of any suspicious occurrence; such as lights being switched on in their home when you know they’re out on a vacation. You should have a way to reach your neighbors if they’re out and you spot something wrong in the neighborhood. If you help your neighbors, they would be interested in helping you. This is, therefore, the most necessary step in building a relationship with your neighbors and getting security benefits in return.

Nearby Houses

When the houses are close to each other, neighbors can quickly sense any wrong happenings in the next house and come for help. Burglars do not want to get caught and hence will not try to intrude in such homes. It is, therefore, necessary that you have homes close to each other. It is a step ahead in ensuring the safety of you and your family. If the houses are far away from each other, it will take time for outside help to arrive in case of emergency, and it might be an advantage for robbers as robbery is a crime of opportunity.

Enough Lighting

While considering security in your neighborhood, you should look out for an adequate amount of lighting in all places in your surroundings. Low-lighting areas could be an invitation for burglars and other criminals. Streetlights are not the only way to do this. You can ask each household to turn their porch lights on in the evenings so potential intruders do not have the darkness to hide in. Places that are not lit properly can serve as best crime spots. Hence, it is important to make sure that there are no poorly lit areas in your neighborhood. This will help to improve neighborhood security.

Security Systems

In the end, one of the best ways to ensure neighborhood security is to have security systems and use them properly. When you increase the amount of security in your neighborhood, a number of crimes will decrease. A basic home security system will at least include an alarm and surveillance installations. A security company in Edmonton will help you know what type of security will be best for your neighborhood.

If you want to improve your neighborhood security, you shouldn’t do it on your own. It should be a team effort and someone has to take the initiative. As you get to know your neighbors, discuss your concerns and apply some of the ideas mentioned above to make your neighborhood safe to live in. If you have any security issues, you can always get in touch with a security company in Edmonton and they will solve all your security troubles and help you be safe.


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