Everything You Need to Know About Personal Security

July 1, 2016

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With the growing rates of crime, personal security has become a compulsion. By taking a few precautions, you can reduce the risk to your personal security and discourage the ones committing the crime. Thieves primarily seek to remove cash or property. But such intruders are often capable of harming people and so preventive measures have to be taken.

Not everyone needs bodyguards. Having presence of mind at all times can secure you from all risks. Bodyguards or personal security guards are essential for celebrities and politicians. For common people, one of the best ways to ensure personal security and reduce your risk is to follow some simple personal security tips.

Security at Home

  • When moving into a new house, always have the locks changed.
  • Know who is outside the door before opening it.
  • Never change clothes in front of windows, always close your drapes.
  • Keep outside lights on when it gets dark.
  • Have the door key in your hand so that you can open the door immediately when you return home.
  • Do not give out your name when you receive a phone call from a wrong number.

Security While Traveling

  • Do not go out alone in the night.
  • Avoid taking unfamiliar routes.
  • Don’t walk on deserted streets and never opt for dark alleys.
  • Avoid poorly lit areas.
  • Watch your surroundings and be aware of suspicious people.
  • Have your fare or pass ready in hand while taking the bus and sit close to the door.
  • Stay awake and alert when you are using public transport.
  • Don’t leave your luggage unattended.
  • Don’t wear a lot of jewelry.
  • Avoid carrying a lot of cash while traveling.

In an Elevator

  • Do not enter an elevator if you feel suspicious about the other person.
  • Stand close to the control panel so you can press the alarm and other control panel buttons if your personal security is in danger.
  • Be alert of pickpocketing in crowded elevators.

Security for Children

  • Teach them to say no to strangers.
  • Help them remember emergency phone numbers and their home address.
  • Tell them not to give strangers an entry into your home.
  • Give warning to teenagers about “blind dates”.

If you’re Attacked

  • Distract the attacker and try to flee.
  • Run to a crowded place.
  • Attract the attention of people nearby by screaming loudly.
  • Don’t have a weapon as it can be used against you.
  • Notify the police whenever you get the opportunity.

Apart from this, if you know some self-defense techniques you are good to go. Knowing how to keep yourself secured from all risks, you might not need personal security guards to protect you.


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