6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

June 4, 2016

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Everyone wants to have a house which is burglar-proof. To have that, you don’t need to invest a lot of money installing an expensive security system, or barbed wire. Sometimes simple steps can be effective for your home safety. This post will help you in the simple ways you can secure your family safety.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

The easiest house to break in for a burglar is that with no one in it. To prevent burglaries in vacant houses is to use automatic light timers. They can simulate the turn on and off in the ways similar to your regular pattern. Arrange for having your lawn cut, or snow removed from your walls you are going to be out for a longer period. Asking your neighbour to pick up the mail and the newspapers for you instead of stopping them can be a simpler way to show presence. Also, never leave notes on the door.

Remove Flyers From Your Doorstep

flyers from your doorstep

Never let flyers or menus collect at your doorstep. This risks showing signs of your absence. Burglars sometimes case a home by planting a flyer and checking to see if someone picks it up.

Keep Quiet On Social Media

Be really careful with the social media usage when you are away or planning to do so. You might be alerting people of your whereabouts. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make while going out on vacation. People ramble on Facebook throwing light on their trip details which might be like a mass message to all the burglars in your area.

Make It Hard To Break In

Never leave the door or windows unlocked and never hide the key where it could be found easily. You should consider using locks having an anti-saw pin. This makes it difficult for a burglar to saw through the bolt. Use solid core or metal doors that are secured with good quality deadbolt locks. Using at least one long screw in attaching each door hinge will further secure the door against forced entry.

Don’t Make It Easy To Hide

A burglar will try getting into a house if they can easily sneak in. Thieves can hide behind trees and shrubs. Trim them or use thorny plants like roses near the doorstep. Remember the back and side of your home offer some concealment for a burglar who is trying to break in. So pay close attention to securing all entrances, and if possible avoid installing a tall privacy fence since that offers even greater concealment.

Get A Dog… Any Dog

Dogs can actually be very reliant deterrents for burglars. A study by the University of North Carolina found that most of the burglars will avoid breaking in when confronted with a canine. You might think that a large dog with a mean bark is the best, a small yappy dog can also be an alarm system for family safety .

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