Simple home safety tips for winters

December 9, 2015

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So, are you ready for winter? Not everyone like bone-chilling cold or lifeless skin and rough lips. In winters a number of people want to hibernate until spring knocks again. May be you are also one such individual. This might be your thinking and mentality, but sadly, burglars don’t think likewise. They don’t take the winter off, importantly because the season gives several opportunities, lots of people going for holidays, costly presents, and clear signs that nobody is home.

This festive season, don’t allow burglars spoil your holiday spirit. Take the steps to ensure your home is protected always with these simple yet effective safety tips.

Home Safety tips for winter

  • Secure doors and windows

In all the excitement and festivities you can easily forget to lock your windows and doors. But you must always remember to lock your windows and doors, whether you are going out of your home for an hour or for a week. If you are going for holidays, don’t forget to lock your deadbolt.

  • Make it look like you are home

Burglars are always looking for homes that look to have been uninhabited for prolonger period of time. They look for clear signs like a driveway covered with heavy snow, a stuffed mailbox and a pile of newspapers. Ask your neighbor or trusted friend to collect the newspapers and mails or shovel the snow while you are away.

  • Don’t over share

These days people share everything they do on social media. But over sharing on social media can be really dangerous. Burglars now monitor social media platforms to know when a homeowner will be away; allowing them to know when home will be empty. Limit your status updates and check-ins.

  • Turn the lights on

Daytime in winters is short, and several people will find that they reach home when the sun is already down. Light helps in keeping burglars away, so make sure your home is always properly lighted. Automated lights play an important role in keeping your home lighted when you are away.

  • Hide the snow shovel

Shoveling is a physically demanding work and once you are done, you just toss the shovel aside in fatigue. But, you should always keep your shovel at a safe place. Burglars can use a shovel to shatter a window or pry open a door.

  • Use home security services

Though it is recommended to use home security services all 365 days in a year, but hiring these services becomes extra important in festive season. So, make sure you have a security guard outside your home or there are security cameras in your home. Latest security cameras allow you to monitor your house even when you are away from your home.

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