Protecting Your Warehouse From Security Breaches

July 15, 2016

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A security breach at the warehouse will adversely affect your business and should be avoided at all costs. A warehouse break-in can result in damage to property and loss of any products or equipment kept there. To protect your warehouse from security breaches, you need to tighten your warehouse security and ensure that the goods are secured at all times. Here are a few tips to optimize warehouse security for your business.

Video Surveillance at Warehouse

The most common security breach possible at a warehouse is employee theft. Employees have unrestricted access to the warehouse and may be tempted to steal from the warehouse. There are two ways to eliminate security breaches from existing employees. The first is to restrict employee access to the warehouse. Only those employees who have a direct purpose at the warehouse should be allowed access. This enables easy identification of those involved and this makes them accountable.

The second foolproof way to ensure warehouse security is to install video surveillance in the warehouse. Video surveillance at warehouse and other areas of the office premises acts as a powerful deterrent against thefts. Employees, as well as external entities, will refrain from stealing from the warehouse if it has video surveillance as they will be caught on camera if they try do so.

Warehouse Alarm System

Break-ins can occur after hours at warehouses and must be prevented to safeguard the warehouse and its contents from theft and damage. A door lock and a warehouse alarm system provide the most effective warehouse security against thefts and break-ins. An efficient warehouse alarm system notifies the security company at the first sign of an intruder. It also scares away the burglar when the break-in occurs and alerts nearby people and neighbors.

You can also hire mobile patrol surveillance security guards to watch over your warehouse and other office premises after work hours. This can help in deterring thieves from breaking-in and if a break-in does occur, it will be immediately spotted by the patrol security team and dealt with suitably. The security guards on a mobile patrol are highly trained and can handle break-ins efficiently until the police arrives, thus safeguarding your property and strengthening warehouse security.

Security Guards

Having security guards stationed outside the warehouse can ensure strong warehouse security for your business. A trained security guard can supervise the various activities happening at the warehouse and can look out for employee theft as well. Employees will think twice about stealing from the warehouse with a security guard present at the door. Security guards can also monitor the footage of the video surveillance at warehouse and alert the authorities if any discrepancies are found.

Implementing these security measures for your warehouse can get you the best warehouse security that money can buy. Investing in these security measures will ensure that your crucial goods and products are safe from theft and damage. Get in touch with professional security services to install these preventive security steps for your warehouse today.

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