Landscaping Can Protect Your Home

July 12, 2016

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Can good landscaping protect your home? How so? You can ensure home security not only from wildfire but also from burglars by superior security landscaping. The best way is to choose plants that provide something more than beauty to your home. When you place the plants strategically and maintain them properly, they can combat a host of problems.

Security landscaping does not only protect the home from natural tosses but also provides home security to the residents and protects them from crime. Home security not only includes locks, alarm systems, security cameras, and security guards in Edmonton, but also landscaping of your property.

Here are some security landscaping tricks that prove beneficial in providing you with home security.

Add bushes
In order to make your home less attractive to burglars, there are a number of things that you can do.

Make use of plants that have sharp leaves or thorns which discourages burglars from approaching your home.

For example: Rose bushes can do the trick right as they have thorns and also add visual appeal.

Keep the large bushes and shrubs around your home trimmed properly as it will increase the visibility and not allow burglars to hide in them.

Remove trees
Another thing that you can think about is to do smart security landscaping, in the right manner, is to remove the trees that are closest to your homes. Most of the security guards in Edmonton have witnessed burglary in which burglars use trees as an access point to break into the upstair windows. By planting these trees at a different location, you prevent burglars from getting easy access to your home.

Other smart security landscaping ideas
Although not the most effective ideas, there are some more ways in which you can use landscaping for home security. You can use flowerbeds, fences, gravel and other things. Even though they are not very effective, they might have a few uses. For example: Flowerbeds might be able to catch footprints of any intruder.

Home security can include many different things. You would want to choose the technology and the landscaping that will serve you best. Another great idea is to have a dog at your home. burglars don’t want to deal with an overprotective pet and might just walk off to the next door.

If you have technological security for your home, you might still want to add some of the above landscaping tips to keep the burglars far away from your home. If you are still unaware of how smart landscaping can improve home security, you should read up on the perfect entry points for burglars and secure all of them using landscaping security.


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