The Perfect Entry Points for Burglars

March 21, 2016

Entry points for burglars

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A home burglary can rob you of your valuables as well as your peace of mind as you might never feel safe in your own home again. To prevent this unfortunate incident, let’s take a look at some of the most common entry points that burglars would use to gain entry into your home.

The front door

Yes, you read it right your front door is the first on this list of perfect entry points for burglars. Most burglars use the front door to gain access to a house.

  • If your front door is concealed from view by tall shrubbery, it could be used as a hiding place by burglars. Burglars may take refuge in the shrubbery, undetected, waiting for your car to drive away before they break into your home. Trim all bushes and shrubs to below waist level to reduce the hiding space available to potential burglars.
  • A spare key, hidden beneath a flower pot or a rock, is just what burglars need to enter your home. Leave your spare keys with a neighbor instead.
  • Basic knob-locks can easily be jimmied with a credit card. Install double keyed deadbolts on the door instead.
  • Doors with window panes can be effortlessly opened by smashing the window pane and turning the door lock. Install steel or glass break resistant window panes.


  • A backdoor is another common entry point used by burglars. Ensure all backdoors in your house are locked at all times, even when you are at home.
  • Install bright lighting in the backyard area of the house to deter burglars from entering through the backdoor.
  • Get your backdoors also fitted with double keyed deadbolts to prevent a break-in.


The windows of a house are the most common burglary entry points.

  • Ground floor windows should not be concealed by shrubs as they can be used by burglars to enter the home, protected from the eyes of passers-by and the neighbors.
  • Windows on all floors must be kept locked at all times, even when you are inside the house. First and second-floor windows are generally left open, especially by children and burglars might use them to gain entry into the bedroom when your children are asleep.
  • Install window locks on all windows as the factory installed locks are insufficient to keep burglars at bay.
  • Consider block windows for the basement, and lock the basement door at all times as it can be used by burglars to break in.

Garage door

  • If your garage is attached to your home, the garage door is a potential entry point into your home for burglars.
  • Lock the garage door after each use and keep the door connected to the house from the garage locked as well.
  • Install an electric door opener for the garage so it can only be opened by you.

Pet doors and other entry points

  • Burglars will go to any extent to enter your home and pet doors big enough to fit a petite person can also be used as an entry point. To counter this, install an electronic pet door kit. An electronic pet door will only open when your pet is a few feet away from it, owing to its electronic pet collar. Burglars will not be able to gain access to your home through the pet door.
  • Skylights and cellar windows are other most common burglary entry points. Do not assume that burglars will not enter through these just because they are rarely used by you. Get skylights and cellar windows filled with metal grates to thwart any entry attempts by burglars.

Be extra sure

Despite following all these measures to prevent a burglary, some burglars might be able to pull off breaking into your home. A foolproof way to keep your home safe is to install a reliable security system and display signs that you have a security system installed. Calgary security companies provide a wide range of security services to safeguard your home. Burglars do not want to trip off your alarm and will stay away from an electronically protected home.

Ensure the safety of your home by protecting all entry points that burglars can use to enter the house. Avail the services of Calgary security companies to make your home the ultimate infallible fortress.


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