Why Shouldn’t You DIY Your Security System?

May 24, 2016

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When you have specialists do their jobs it automatically increases your productivity. Wherever you work, whoever you are, you know you need them. Why not follow the same approach for your own home security? Opting for a DIY home surveillance system will cost you in the long run both in terms of money and performance. Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t use DIY home surveillance system.

Cost You The Same With Add-Ons

If you need to add more components to your system – for example, additional window sensors – you’ll often pay $20+ for each new component. Considering most systems come with only two or three window sensors. If the ground floor of your home has eight movable windows, you might pay more than $100 additional for accessories to protect each window. The same is true for multiple doors and areas where you need motion sensors.

Plain Features

Most home alarm companies offer security options beyond their basic package: battery backups, redundant alerts, pet-immune motion sensors, panic buttons, fire monitoring (with fire company alert), and more. A DIY home alarm generally does not offer anything beyond basic wireless security.

Limited Technical Support

Once you have bought a DIY home surveillance system, you’re on your own. You will have no access to an in-field professional, who can provide regular services and address your security issues. There’s a chance the system will have no customer support to call if an alarm sounds.If an alarm goes off, it’s solely up to you to decide what to do next. Some manufacturers of DIY systems may be able to answer some basic questions over the phone, but you won’t be able to call for regular technical support, free equipment upgrades, etc.

No Connection to the Police

One of the biggest advantages to a monitored alarm system is that the police and/or fire company is alerted in case of emergency. This does not happen with a DIY home surveillance system, which notifies you (and others you put on the notification list), making it your responsibility to decide on the next course of action.

Almost no Self-Monitoring

With a professional security system, you can monitor your security cameras or arm your locks all day and night through your computer or phone. The system will keep you aware of anything happening in your home through email and text notifications. A DIY home security system doesn’t always offer a mobile app to monitor through, and what offer may be complicated and potentially slow down the network connection in your home.

Improper Installation

DIY home surveillance system installation is marketed as easy; the work you will put in to install the system is minimal. Some manufacturers will even walk you through the easy installation process over the phone. Although you may be installing it correctly, most people aren’t professionals at installation, specifically on security devices. With DIY, there is an increased risk of improper installation, which would reduce the effectiveness of the home security system.

You are Personally Liable

If a professional Edmonton security company designs, installs and monitors your system then they are liable for its effectiveness and performance. Any good Edmonton security company has a hefty “Errors and Omissions” insurance policy to cover their back if they make a mistake. If the house burns down or a break in occurs and the system didn’t work properly or if your system was professionally installed then your insurance company will go after the security company. If you installed it yourself then you’re on the receiving end.

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