Why should you choose a wireless security system?

April 12, 2016

Wireless security system

Protecting your business by using a business video surveillance security system is a necessity in today’s times. The question is which type of security system should be chosen for your business video surveillance. A wireless security system is the most widely used surveillance tool for both homes and businesses. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of installing a wireless security system.


1) Ease of installation and cost

A wireless system, although more costly than a wired system, is easier to install owing to a lack of long and multiple cables required for its functioning. Despite the higher pricing, these systems are preferred due to the relatively simple installation procedure. Security companies such as GPS security will install your wireless system for you quickly and without causing any inconvenience.

2) Flexibility

Wireless security systems are flexible as they can reach areas where wires cannot and can be easily relocated to suit your business video surveillance needs. Wired systems, however, cannot be relocated once installed without causing a lot of logistical hassles and inconvenience.

3) Better security

Due to the absence of wires, these systems are safe from criminals who could disable wired systems by cutting the wires. Wireless security systems are tamper-proof which makes them an effective surveillance system.

4) Aesthetic value

Wireless surveillance systems are aesthetically more pleasing as compared to wired systems due to the omission of unsightly wires crawling across walls to connect to the security camera and monitoring unit.

5) Higher Range

Wireless security systems can be used for business video surveillance over long distances as the wireless system can transmit the camera feed over a longer range. Wired systems cannot provide a long range of surveillance as wires cannot be used to travel over long distances.


1) Wired Power Connection

Although these security systems are wireless, they do require a wired power connection. This issue can be taken care of by utilizing an adaptor with batteries as the power source.

2) Low Internet Security

Wireless surveillance systems can be hacked via the internet and can be misused by criminals to gain access to the security feed. This can be resolved by changing the password to the wireless system and installing an anti-virus software for your home’s WiFi system.

3) Weather Interference

The wireless security feed signal is susceptible to interferences due to extreme weather conditions. When this happens, it could transmit the feed to the wrong device or could stop functioning entirely. If your home or business is located in an area prone to extreme weather disturbances, a wireless security system might not be the best option for you.

Based on the above considerations, you can make an informed decision regarding if a wireless security system is right for. Get in touch with trustworthy security services such as GPS security that also provide video monitoring services to safeguard your business.


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