Warehouse Security Risks

August 2, 2016

calgary security companies_Warehouse security risks

Warehouses and distribution centers are frequent targets of burglary, theft and pilferage. These facilities contain many new merchandises in its original packaging, something that is highly-desirable to both professional and amateur thieves.

With continual traffic coming and going and the movement and storage of high-value goods, visibility is key. Here is a list of some of the very important warehouse security issues which should not be overlooked. These are a few warehouse security tips.


The growing vegetation such as trees and shrubs not only add to the aesthetics which are out of the commercial places. But they are natural barriers in true sense. If the arrangement or even the maintenance of the vegetation is not done properly, they can be one of the safety issues.

These points might be very small but can be serious issues in terms of warehouse security.

Truck drivers

Truck drivers and other types of delivery service drivers can pose a specific warehouse security risk. Some drivers have gotten into the habit of stealing from their customers when making a pickup or delivery, and consider this to be a justifiable “fringe benefit” given the inadequate wages that they feel they are making. Drivers are often allowed to wander freely while their trailer is being loaded or unloaded and can use this opportunity to gather up items that they wish to steal. It is often easy to place additional items into the trailer after it has been loaded, or to place stolen items into the cab of the truck unnoticed.

Keep the sightlines at the entrances and the exits. If you are having doubts, increase the warehouse surveillance.


Having effective illumination is very necessary for a safe warehouse. Effective illumination has many benefits including improving the ability of drivers and warehouse workers to avoid accidents and deter criminals who prefer not to be seen. If in case your warehouse lacks in lighting, you have to take measures to solve the problem. Remember that proper and adequate lightning will solve warehouse security problems a bit.

Union of thieves devils

Sometimes, dishonest warehouse employees work in conjunction with dishonest truck drivers to steal from the company. This can be a particularly dangerous combination: the warehouse employee has knowledge of what’s coming and going, can plant stolen merchandise in outgoing shipments, and can modify paperwork to cover his tracks – while the truck driver has the means to remove the merchandise from the warehouse. Collusion between warehouse employees and truck drivers is a big problem in some industries and is responsible for multiple millions of dollars of losses each year. An increase in the warehouse surveillance will help you identify the pests.

GPS Security Group will help you with warehouse security tips. An appropriate balance between safety and security must be achieved in order to create the most secure and safe environment.


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