Oil Sands Security: Saving Equipments and Lives

January 6, 2016

Oil and gas sites are regarded as one of the most dangerous sites to work on and if you have a similar setup, then you must know that the security should be the most prime concern for you. In the recent survey, it was estimated that each year there is a loss of millions of dollars around the globe in the oil and gas sites, because of the lack of security and the consequences that are faced due to it. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the points that could be really helpful for you to ensure that you have the right security for both the equipments and the employees that you have in the site.

Oil sands security demands to be checked all the time. It is not something that you get done at the initial stage and then you can be relaxed. If you are going to look at the statistics, then you will realize that most of the security breaches that resulted in huge losses in these sites were due to the negligence of the security officer. Before you select the right security for the dame, you have to get the site surveyed by a good oil sands security company, that has years of experience in the same.

Apart from the equipments, you need well trained guards at all the right places of the premises, who will keep a vigilant eye on everyone who enters and exists the premises. The oil sands security companies give you guards, who have years of experience in the similar line. These guards know the exit strategy in case of any emergency and make sure that the entire area is evacuated on time. You also have to make sure that every employee is participating in the evacuation drill that must be conducted every month.

The oil and gas site must have all the right equipments so that every security measures are covered. The CCTV cameras along with all the fire alarms and water sprinklers must be installed at the refinery and the other areas of the site. This will give you the added benefits are the fire breaks out. 24/7 video monitoring allows you to keep a track on every activity that is going around in and out of the premises and you can have a look at it from one centralized location. You also have to make sure that the alarms along with fire detectors are fitted at every required space.

Last but not the least; you need to make sure that you have taken the security from one of the best oil sands security companies. Oil and gas security is entirely different from other form of security and these companies make sure that you are getting the best. We at GPS Security group give you all the right service and equipments for the best security and you can rely on our services with your eyes closed.


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