Tips to Setup Video Monitoring At Oil and Gas Site

September 28, 2015

Securing the oil and gas site is a very important process, as it involves handling of the precious natural resources and if you are well prepped for the security, then it can be harmful in the longer run, both for the security of the site and the employees working in the premises. There are many security benefits for companies who take the right guidance from the professionals and oil and gas site can also be benefitted from the same. To make sure that you are secured in a right manner, it is always a better idea to take the tips from oil and gas security Alberta. They not only help you with the right video monitoring equipments, but they also suggest you the tips to set them right.

1. Placement

Placement of the security equipments play a vital role in the overall safety of the premises and in the case of video monitoring, you have to make sure that you have placed the cameras at all the right places so that they cover every possible areas that are at risks and this gives you the live feed at one centralized location. Oil and gas security Alberta companies will guide you with the placement along with the right setup of equipments that will keep a vigilant eye on the oil and gas line.

2. Going wireless

Thanks to the various technological advancements, now you have an option to go wireless with the security equipments. This not only takes away all the hassles of wiring, but it also provides you an edge in the safety of the workplace. All you have to do is to select the place and mount the camera and all the footage will be diverted to the centralized location over Wi-Fi. This allows you to place the camera without the wires and this eliminates the possibility of someone tearing up the wires to take down the security of the premises. You could also opt for the underground wiring which would be invisible and any good oil and gas security Alberta company would be able to provide you with that option.

3. Pairing The Right Equipments

It is also very essential that you pair the right equipments together for the safety of oil and gas site. Rigging up the motion sensors to the lights and alarm to the cameras will ensure that all the unwanted activates are detected on time. This ensures that all the equipments works in sync together, giving you the best security 24/7.

Always make sure that you are taking the security from one of the best security companies to have all round protection against all the risks. These oil and gas security Alberta companies also provide you with all the services and maintenance part and you can be sure of the service in the long run. You also have many security options to choose from and you can even get the security plan made according to the needs and requirements from them.


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