Security for Oil and Gas Industry

June 3, 2015

Oil and gas industries are one of the largest and potentially dangerous industries. When it comes to the sheer dollar value, then these industries hold very high stakes. The energy sources that we have in our houses to keep us warm during winters, helping us in cooking food, providing us electricity for homes and fuel for all the transportation needs are managed by these industries. Looking at the importance of the oil and gas in our daily lives, you need to be sure about the security for this industry. To safeguard the working, you need to have a secured system, where everything is under watchful eyes to ensure that the safety is of paramount importance within the premises.

Oil and gas industries face a tremendous heat from external as well as internal sources and it is imperative that you have engaged a security company to take all the right care. There are many oil and gas security companies in Alberta and you need to be sure to get the services from the company, that has years of experience in providing the security for the oil and gas. You need guards that are specially trained to secure the operations. Here are some points that you need to keep a check before getting oil sands security in Alberta.

  1. Experience

When you appoint a security company to take care of all the security matters, you need to make sure that the company has years of experience in the similar field. The security of oil and gas industry is very different from the security of other industries. You need guards that have experience in handling the sites of oil and gas premises. They ensure that all the aspects of security inside the site are covered so that not a single area goes unchecked. The trained guards have the complete knowledge of the site and they know all the exit strategies to clear the area in case of any emergency.

  1. Use Of Right Equipments

You need to be sure of the equipments that are used for the security in the premises. As oil and gas site can be prone to fire, you need to install fire alarms and sensors at all the right places. Apart from the sensors, you also need the coverage from the CCTV cameras along with the water sprinklers in case the fire breaks out. The cameras monitor the site round the clock and give you a clear coverage of every ongoing inside and outside the site. This way, you can have all the exit and entry points at check.

Natural resources are of very much importance, and you need to ensure that you have all the right security measures to safeguard the site and the production line. Having the right security gives you complete control and peace of mind and you can depend on the security measures for the complete coverage of the site.


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