Comparing the Security options: Oil and Gas

October 5, 2015

Every site and business house demands a different kind of security and you just cannot use the same level of security option at each organization. Times have changed and you have to keep lot of factors in mind before you choose the security option and when it comes to the oil and gas site, you not only need to be more careful, but you also have to be surer about the company that you have chosen. Oil and gas security Alberta companies now have plans that are made specifically and you can get the security option that is specifically designed, keeping the working of your business in mind. Oil and gas is very vulnerable to small and high level of threats that may be from the competition or from an outsider. If you have taken all the right measures of security, then you can be sure of the working of the site, both inside out. Here how you must compare the security options before choosing them.

1. Taking A Closer Inspection

A lot can be known about the security of the oil and gas site, if you are going to take a thorough inspection of the site. When you contact the oil and gas security Alberta Company for the same, they start by looking at the areas that might be potentially risky for the security. They look for:

• Reliability of the services that have been provided by the vendors.
• In house security versus outsourced.
• Types of available packages and alarm systems. Check for fire, burglar, motion sensors, heat, carbon monoxide etc.
• CCTV camera and video monitoring solutions.
• Mobile applications.
• Premises monitoring with guard facilities.

2. Comparing the options

After the detailed inspection, compare the options that you have and decide which one will be the best for the overall security of the business. Check for the elements like services on offer and take a look at their customer history. Also ask them that if they can give you a demo. You need to keep these points in mind before choosing the package that they have because the more attentive you are while keeping the options in check, the more secured environment you are going to have in the oil and gas site.

3. Vendor

Before you finalize the vendor, you have to keep the following points in mind.

• Stability of the company over the past years.
• Reputation in the market.
• Availability of the extra services on demand. Training and support of the staff.
• Experience in the relevant industry.
• Overall cost

All the relevant details can be had on the website of the vendors that you have shortlisted and also be sure to get the right estimates from each one of them. This lets you to have the security at a right price and make sure that you have selected one of the best oil and gas security Alberta Company.


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