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August 8, 2016

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Being on the school committee, do you get frequent visits for recommendations and new ideas pertaining to school security solutions? More importantly, is your school equipped with the right kind of infrastructure and measures to tackle a potential threat to the students?

Let’s take a look at what measures you can take to enhance school safety and security.

Door hardware

Every facility comes with locking hardware. Your school can restrict access to certain areas like classrooms and the canteen area. Likewise, it can control how many people have the keys which provide access to crucial points in the school.

Choke points

You need to cut down on the ways in which threats can enter the school. By reducing the choke points or access point through which one can enter the school, you’re doing just that. This is one way to enhance school safety. Make sure your choke point is visible to a competent security minded individual who is doing their best to screen and spot any potential threats.

Guard or police officers, a security team

Many schools employ an officer or security guards to increase the level of security screening at the access points to the school.

Metal detectors

We live in an age where guns and knives find their way into our schools and threaten the lives of our children. Many schools also choose to utilize a metal detector at the school’s entrance choke point to prevent the aggressors from bringing these threats inside the school premises.

Camera and intercom systems

One of the most effective ways to secure an unmanned choke point is through the use of cameras and intercom systems. This ensures school personnel, a safe place to view and communicate with school visitors before allowing them access inside.

Card access points

Card access systems are electronic systems that allow an authority to control and monitor who is allowed access to a given facility. This is usually achieved through the use of card or keypad readers at desired entry points into the building.


Card Access Systems also give you the ability to integrate lockout features. A lockout command locks all controlled doors and disables the card readers from allowing anyone into the building.

Trained school staff

Especially during a lockout, teachers are trained to lock their doors and get all of their children out of the view of the window on the door. The staff needs to be vigilant in spotting events before they happen and for that they need proper training. Or you can contact local authorities and experts skilled in profiling and recognizing potential threats.

School safety and security is an important issue and should not be taken lightly. With the correct infrastructure and security measures in place, kids as well as the staff in the school will be safe from potential dangers. Moreover, when parents are made aware that such measures are in place, they can rest assured and won’t have to worry.

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