4 Reasons Your Retail Store Needs Extra Surveillance

April 27, 2018

Security Companies

For a property like a retail store, security measures have to be taken. And when you have a big retail store, a single CCTV camera isn’t sufficient. You need to secure your property with extra surveillance. By surveillance, we not only mean video surveillance systems that need to be installed. Physical surveillance provided by security guards is also a must. You can inquire with one of the security companies to find out which security measures are right for your store. But if you want to know why extra measures are necessary, then here are some reasons listed below.

1) To Prevent Shoplifting

A common problem that most unsecured retail stores face is shoplifting. They have to bear huge losses due to shoplifting. When shoppers and visitors know that the retail store is secured with extra surveillance, they automatically become alert. Potential shoplifters give up on the intent of picking any item due to the fear of getting caught and punished later. This is how the mere presence of physical as well as electronic surveillance act as a deterrent to shoplifters and also other types of criminals.

2) To Prevent Risks

When you have extra surveillance, whether physical or electronic, your entire retail store is monitored. While monitoring your store, these surveillance assistants help in identifying potential criminals and other risk factors. In case of surveillance by security guards, the guards can immediately take action and catch the criminals. In case of video surveillance, the person monitoring the screen can notify people in charge of the store and help in responding to the risk factors immediately. This is how extra surveillance can help in preventing criminal activities or be prepared for emergency situations.

3) To Identify Criminals

In case a criminal activity takes place, and if you miss the criminal in store, CCTV surveillance can help you identify them. All the video surveillance footages are recorded and saved which can be viewed later. With the help of saved footages, you can check them later and get the criminals arrested or punished.

4) To Avoid Any Mishaps

Just like identifying the risk factors and potential criminals in the retail store, extra surveillances also assist in keeping an eye on the store staff. A security officer can see to it that the entire staff is present at their specified positions and performing their duties efficiently. With the help of video surveillance, shop owners or managers can monitor the activities of store staff. In case a staff member is caught being undisciplined or committing undesired activities, actions can be taken against them in time.

You must understand that by protecting your retail store, employees, and customers with added surveillance you are improving the overall operation, efficiency, and safety of your store. Get in touch with one of the best security companies in your city and secure your retail store at the earliest.


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