Get The Right Security For Your Retail Store

January 6, 2015

Whether you are running a grocery store or a large mall, retail is definitely a lucrative business to be in. However, it is not a business without risk. Criminal activities in the form of shoplifting and armed robbery are risks you have to face daily. An estimated $3 billion is lost through retail crimes in Canada every year.This makes it essential to get the right security for your retail store. Good security will play a key role in preventing theft and tackling a robbery situation on hand.

Surveillance System

Surveillance system ensures you have eyes on all corners of your retail store. These are cameras that are recording 24/7. Whether you suspect employees or customers of robbery, you will be able to capture it on camera. Additionally, the expect presence of a camera will act a deterrent to many.

If ever something does happen, you will have a record the robbery or shoplifting taking place.

Alarms Sensors

When you shut shop in the night, you can activate alarm sensors. This is a good way to protect your business from break ins. If your store is broken into, a signal will be sent to the security service and police department. A patrol unit will be immediately sent to your store to check the alarm and ensure your store is safe.

On site Security Guards

Having security guards at the retail store is one of the best ways to improve your security vastly.

– Secure Access Point

A security guard at your store’s various access points can ensure that the criminals are kept out. A security guard can skillfully turn away suspicious characters from entering the store.

– Patrol the Store 
If your retail store is very large, you can have a security guard patrol the area. This is a good way for him to keep an eye on things.

– Conflict

A retail store is a place of conflict between customers and you don’t want any conflict to get out of hand. A security guard is trained to deal with conflicts from escalating to solving them.


A surveillance system and the constant presence of a security guard can help you catch shoplifters, but what do you do after that?

– Approach the Suspect

The suspect should be approached and calmly confronted. Either the suspect will give in or try to run away. It is not advisable to run after the suspects since nearby people could get injured.

– Detain the Suspect

Next, you detain the suspect. Even though a security guard is not a police personnel, he can make a Citizen Arrest. If the suspect flees, co-ordinate with other security guards in the area to apprehend him.

– Retrieve the Stolen Property
Your best proof that the suspect is a shoplifter is to retrieve the stolen property from him. If he does not give in, provide hard evidence in the form of a video recording.

– Let off with a warning

Shoplifting is a minor crime. If the suspect is not a repeated offender, you can let off the person with a warning.

– Call the Police

A security guard can’t charge a person with a crime, but the police can – call them. In the meantime, under law, the suspect can be detained for a reasonable amount of time. Hand over the suspect to the police when they arrive.

– What not to do

You should not verbally or physically abusive the suspect when you detain him. You have to stick within the legal boundaries when detaining a suspected shoplifter.

Armed Robbery

An armed robbery will test the security measures of your retail store. A good security guard will handle the situation so that the police are immediately informed and the civilians in your store are best kept safe. Any employees you have should be trained to handle the situation calmly rather than panic and risk escalating the situation.

Security at your retail store should be on the top of your mind. Get it right and not only will your business boom, but customers will know that your business can be trusted.


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