Does Your Retail Store Have Sufficient Security?

August 10, 2016

retail store have sufficient security

Worried about the store that got robbed last week just around the corner? You should be. Retail store security issues aren’t meant to be taken lightly.

To prevent losses to your company or store, we have compiled a list to help you assess whether your store has the right kind of security measures in place.

Security camera

Installing a surveillance system in retail stores is the best way to monitor what is happening around your store from your desk. Once you have a surveillance system in place, you can always go back and check the activities or events that took place when you discover that something wrong is occuring.

Verify employees

Background checks is something you cannot ignore. Once you decide to hire a few employees, do your background checks. You must be able to trust them to adhere to a certain code of conduct during business hours in your store. Remember to contact the references they have provided.

Keep depositing money in bank

Since you are running a retail store, it is possible that you have a lot of cash with you. Make sure you frequent the bank to make deposits at intervals. It’s always advisable to have the money deposited than sitting in the store with you. You never know when you’d get robbed. Expect the worst. Keeps you on your toes.

Talk to your team

You do not have to leave all the duty of security consciousness to your camera alone. You have to sensitize your workers on what to look out for and the products that suffer most from theft.

Bags outside

You can always ask your customers to keep their bags outside or near the counter, especially if it’s a bulky one. This is a simple idea which you can incorporate in your day to day retail store security routine.

Move around

You and your team must make it a habit as you take turns to move around the store once there are lots of shoppers. This is so that you do not leave any stone unturned. Once you start moving around, you can always keep watch on what people are upto. While walking around ask them if they need anything or any help in finding any desired product.

During business hours, ask your team to avoid personal discussions as people keep coming and going. If your employees are engaged in discussions about last night’s hockey match or arguing over whether Bieber is better than the Beatles, no one is going to be watching the customers. Additionally, it creates a bad impression about your grocery store management and the customers who need help with their groceries are left irritated.

Get your retail store security setup today with the help of GPS Security Group.

Also, if someone is comparing the Beatles to Bieber, during one of your sit-downs, please fix that once you have your security measures sorted.


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