Adding Security Layers to Your Apartment Home

August 2, 2016

calgary security guard companies_security layers to your apartment home

Are you actually safe once you get into your apartment and lock the door? Apartment homes have an increased risk of intrusions and burglaries due to the high volume of foot traffic in the complex. Protecting your family and maintaining the apartment security should be your topmost priority. Here are some tips you can consider in order to ensure your home security.

Buy additional locks

You should install a deadbolt and chain lock if your door does not have them already as it could just add to up to your apartment security system. A standard doorknob lock is easy to pick while a deadbolt is really difficult as it only opens by rotating the lock cylinder. Having a chain lock ensures an extra level of security while opening your door. It allows you to open your door a little to talk to a person outside and ask for identification, before opening it completely.

Secure sliding doors

Although balcony doors are best for sunshine and views, they can pose a great hazard if not secured properly. Most of the sliding doors do not have enough locks and can come off their tracks with just a nudge. For your apartment security, you need to ensure that your sliding door is secured properly. You can install a secondary locking mechanism with a metal pin inserted through the doorframe and into the sliding door.

Block inside view

If you keep your view open, robbers will be tempted to break in when you’re not there. You can install blinds that will block all your home view from outside. Be sure to close the blinds when you go out. By doing this, you will be able to keep the wandering eyes away from scanning your valuables and this will help to increase your home security.

Have a safe

You should make use of a safe to secure all your valuables and irreplaceable possessions. There are a number of safes available in various sizes and prices. You can choose the one that fit your budget and needs. A safe will not be able to provide you with complete apartment security, but it will definitely be able to keep the most valuable items of the home safe from thieves who are just waiting to grab hold of them and escape quickly.

Install a security system

Alarm systems do have a place in apartment security and are effective too. The alarm system deters burglars as there is an increased fear of getting caught. Apart from alarm systems, there are other ways to boost your home security depending on your budget.

You can take apartment security in your own hands by following these tips. Ensuring home security is important and you can achieve this goal by taking some steps towards it.


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