Why Do You Need a Mobile Patrol Service Around Your Retail Store?

June 12, 2019

Mobile Patrol Service Around Your Retail Store

When you run a retail business with stocks worth a million dollar, you rely considerably on security systems installed in and around your store and also the security guard appointed to look after your store’s safety. One standing guard would either get hurt or obligated to save your life. Moving security personnel, on the other hand, have a more dynamic approach in their executions.

Mobile Patrol Security Units

A security guard standing at one position can be tricked into leaving his post, as he is human. How about security guards that do not even seem to be connected to your business? Mobile patrol security provides moving security personnel to people with larger areas of business and operations. For example, if you have multiple locations of business, like a food joint or retail store, that need to be looked after, you can hire a mobile security unit that can patrol around your areas of business. The security personnel, in vehicles that move around the area decided, have the training that makes people be on their toes at all times. Whenever something doesn’t seem right, you can simply let them know at the push of a button, and the patrolling unit immediately responds to your emergency.

Benefits of Mobile Patrol Security

Excelling in emergency control, mobile patrol security units offer more benefits than your regular security guard outside your retail store.

Money Saving

When it comes to permanent security guards, the payment has to be made terminally even though there has been no service utilized. While hiring mobile patrol security allows you to have options rather than obligations.

When you hire patrol security, the timings for engagement of the security can be controlled according to your needs and work conditions. The charges that you incur, will be only for the services that you are employing.

Flexible Changes

Mobile patrol security ensures that it takes care of the changing needs of the client. Various security factors are taken into concern by the personnel in-charge of your security. Depending on what kind of changing security requirements you have, the mobile patrol team will provide the following services:

  • Patrolling the boundaries of your business premises using vehicles,
  • Everyday security for gates and doors of your premises including safekeeping of keys,
  • Overseeing the building fixtures and utilities to prevent accidental damages to assets,
  • Protection for parking areas, and
  • 24/7 alarm response team.

Total Coverage

Business premises that are huge in the area are in constant threat of burglaries, arson, theft, and violence. If left defenceless, these big areas become a spot for loiterers and other troublemakers during the work hours. When an area cannot be monitored with just security cameras, you need people who can keep an eye on the areas where the “third eye” doesn’t reach. Mobile patrol security units keep moving around the area of your business premises keeping an eye out for anything suspicious or illegal.

Mobile surveillance units and patrol security provide you with all-round protection of your business facility. Even during an accidental emergency on your premises, mobile security guards are the first response to the situation. They utilize equipment to prevent damage to the assets and life before the concerned authorities reach the place of the incident. At GPS Security, we understand the need for a peaceful workplace for the retailers and appealing shopping experience for their customers. Contact us for an emergency control and other security installments at your facility.


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