Where Are The Fire Watch Security Guards Useful

May 19, 2018

Alberta Security Guard Company

A fire can break out because of numerous reasons. Some of the reasons responsible for igniting a fire are hazardous substances, faulty electrical equipment, mishandling of flammable liquids, etc. If you have fire watch security guards located at your unit, then you can prevent massive damages on account of a fire. The main responsibility of a fire watch security guard is to monitor large areas and ensure every corner is checked for a possible fire threat. They are equipped with the right tools that help them in alarming the people, contacting fire security officials, and extinguish small fires themselves. A fire watch security guard deployed by an Alberta security guard company is capable of doing so as he is a well-trained individual and holds expertise in fire watch security. If you are wondering if your place or premise needs fire security guards, then we have listed a few places where a fire security guard can be handy. This will help you to decide if you need these guards or not.

Concert and Exhibition Venues

When you host a concert or an exhibition, your area is at the risk of catching fire. This is because even after taking every preventive measure, something issue may arise which can result in a fire breaking out. Such a fire can cause severe damage to life and property. A fire watch security guard can be an active respondent and help in protecting the area.

Residential Complexes

Modern residential complexes are built with fire protection systems. There is a possibility that the fire protection systems won’t work appropriately in certain situations. When this happens, the fire watch security guard can prove to be a productive asset in preventing a massive fire.

Business Parks or Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings also require fire protection services as they might be susceptible to electrical fires or electronic equipment. When a fire breaks out in a business park, a fire watch security guard can be extremely helpful in evacuating the staff to a safe location away until the firefighters arrive and extinguish the fire.


A restaurant is a location that would be benefited from a fire watch security guard. This is because restaurants are usually at a higher risk of fire accidents. A fire watch security guard armed with appropriate equipment can be extremely helpful in suppressing the fire immediately when it takes place. Therefore, the safety of the employees and the customers are taken care of when you have fire watch security guards.

Manufacturing Units and Construction Sites

If you own a manufacturing unit or are a project head of a construction site, you may want to have these guards for preventing fire incidents. This is because mishandling of equipment, mistakes when dealing with metals, lack of safety measures when taking care of combustible substances, etc. can be the cause of a fire. A fire watch security guard can quickly detect the possibilities of such incidents and prevent fire accidents.

Fire safety should never be taken for granted and should always be given prime importance. If your workplace falls under any of the above-mentioned categories, you should make sure that you hire fire watch security guards. You can contact an Alberta security guard company to ensure that you get the best fire watch security guards who can guard your property and take precautionary measures in case of a fire.


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