The Role Of Security Guard Regarding Fire

December 13, 2016

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Security guards employed by a fire watch security guard service have many roles and responsibilities to fulfill. The role of security guard services is to train the security guards to protect lives and property from human and natural events. A fire-watch security guard is often the first person at the scene of fire at his workplace. He has to play an active role in preventing damage to property and life.

Here are some of the most important things that a security guard should do to prevent and control fire:


One of the most essential duties of security guards is to prevent fire. While patrolling or maintaining the post, a security guard has to keep a watch on potential fire hazards. Unusual sparks, storing combustible or flammable items near heat sources, and fire from electrical equipment should be taken into account. Security guards should also visually inspect fire extinguishers to make sure that they have not been damaged and haven’t passed their listed expiry dates.

Phone calls

When an alarm goes off, there is smoke or any other sign of fire, the security guard has to confirm the event of fire. Once the security guard has visually confirmed a fire outbreak, he will have to activate the alarm if it is not ringing already. He will then have to call the fire department. This is not enough. He has to make some more calls. A security guard should make calls to the supervisor to inform about the situation. He should work along with the other security guards to ensure personal safety, while waiting for the emergency services.


If an event of fire takes place in a crowded area like a business centre or shopping mall, the security guard has to follow the employer’s emergency procedures. These procedures will include directing the public to the closest emergency exit. Before the event of fire, the security guard has to ensure that there are no items blocking the exits or corridors as they are the only ways of getting all the crowd out of the structure in case of an emergency.

Other roles

Depending on the workplace, security guards might be exposed to dangerous materials and chemicals if there is an event of fire at the job site. A security guard should therefore, gain some knowledge in advance if the workplace has potentially dangerous chemicals stored. This will enable him to gain special training and provide the best fire watch security guard service.

It is best for security guards to have a plan ready which they can execute at the time of fire. You can count on our security guard services as they have received special training and have a lot of experience in dealing with fire situations.

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