What to do When Burglar Alarm goes off?

December 21, 2016


Home security systems can be annoying at times as most systems trigger false alarms. But before disabling the alarm, it is advisable to consider the possibility of a real break-in. There should be a strategy ready with all the family members in case of such mishaps. You should be aware of the perfect entry points for burglars and safeguard them  to ensure complete safety.

Considering, alarm monitoring to be the best way of securing one’s assets, it is important to know about what needs to be done when the alarm goes off.

Prepared Security Systems for a Break-in

You are having your midsummer night’s dream and your alarm goes off. What would you do? Pop out of bed and rush to disable the alarm security system. But, a burglar might have just broken in.

Panicked, you grab a baseball bat and rush down into the basement. Unfortunately, this could be the worst situation you could ever put yourself in, as the armed burglar could now be awaiting you in the basement. You should not go ahead to face the burglar, instead you should hide along with your family and wait for help to arrive.

Know How to Respond

What if you face an armed opponent? It could be the end of you despite your perfectly working security system. The best security system is the one that not only technically functions but also prepares you to act in a manner that ensures the security of you and your family members. Patrol security service guarantees the security of all the family members.

Are you going to confront the armed burglar who has broken into your house or will you hide in a safe place until help arrives? Knowing the answer to this question, you might be able to save not only your life but also that of the family members.

Designate a “Safe Room”

To hide and be safe until patrol security service arrives, you need to decide in advance where you are all going to hide. It could be best to run some safety drills in the middle of the night to note how much time does it take for everyone to reach the safe room. This “Safe room” must be as far as possible from any break-in areas, and should be setup in a way that allows you to anticipate the burglar’s arrival. It could be an advantage to install a deadbolt at the door of the safe room.

Having your phone with you while you’re hiding in the safe room is necessary. It helps you communicate with the outside world. Also, keep some food supplies and water in there in case you are locked in for a longer period of time. First aid kit is a good idea in case anyone gets injured or needs help.

The best security system is not the one that merely works to scare you, but the one that works for your safety. To know more about the simple ways to boost your home security, contact our professionals.


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