What Makes Professional Security Guards Stand Out?

May 7, 2021

What Makes Professional Security Guards Stand Out?

Hiring reactive security guard services is a good thing. However, hiring a proactive security professional will make a significant difference. There is a vast difference between reacting when something happens and acting to prevent something before it happens.

Some security guards possess certain qualities that help them to stand out and outshine others. Some of these qualities are mentioned below:

Anticipation Power

Being a security guard it is not only about reacting effectively to an action taken by a criminal. The tougher job of a security guard is to prevent anything wrong from happening. The ability to anticipate what will happen buys the security guard some time to plan and act proactively.

Whenever something terrible is about to happen, some signs may trigger a security guard’s consciousness. For instance, a suspicious car or a truck in a parking lot without any purpose for quite some time may have criminals monitoring activities inside the building.

Moreover, a window shopper might wear something that is not according to current weather, such as a hood during the summer. A proactive security guard will sense the man’s intention and check what he is carrying at the entry gate. It may enable a guard to catch the criminal, or make him run away. In both scenarios, crime prevention is an ideal outcome, and the people inside your clients’ retail store will remain safe.

Quick Reflexes

The best security guards will have quicker reflexes. What other security professionals can do in seconds, the gifted ones will be able to do in half a second. Top security experts not only react precisely but quickly enough to minimize damage.

Rock Solid Concentration

Concentration is key for security professionals on duty. A kind of concentration that never breaks is the one a security guard requires. It enables them to stay alert throughout the shift and even after that. Smart criminals will use different tactics to execute their crimes. One of these tactics is a distraction. Criminals might alert a security guard up by sending someone in first to do something to distract them.

The best guards, however, will not become distracted by this. Even when dealing with any distracting element, their main focus will still remain on their job.

Sixth Sense

Human beings have six senses. The sixth sense is one that deals with the unseen, and untouched matters in our life. The best security guards will be able to sense something about to happen without any sign or indication. The sixth sense is different from anticipating. The sixth sense does not need any signs or a reference to trigger a sense of something happening. People with a strong sixth sense can tell what is going to happen before it happens.

Physical Strength

A person appointed to secure a building being required to keep criminals away needs to be physically strong. Here we not only mean being physically fit but strong too. Security professionals often have to face situations where they are outnumbered by protesting employees, criminals, or terrorists. Therefore, there needs to be a particular focus on a person’s physical strength when hiring him in a security guard company.

Some portion of this physical strength can be hereditary but can be gained through extensive training and hard work.

Good Genetics

Genetics plays a significant role in making a security person stand out from the rest of their colleagues. A taller man with a wide bone structure and muscular strength can handle more people at the same time easily compared to a shorter, weaker colleague.

Despite the extensive training of a shorter guy and his ability to be equally competent, the one with great genetics will have a bigger advantage in many situations.

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