We have a branch in Hinton. GPS Security provides services across Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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    About Us

    GPS Security Group is Alberta’s only GPS Verified Security Guard and Security System Services. We have integrated an advanced GPS system that offers a host of functionality features to our clients. You can access a variety of physical and technological security solutions across Calgary and Alberta through us.

    What We Do

    From GPS Security Group, you can improve the security of the day to day running of your organization in Calgary. We offer professional security guards, patrol units and surveillance to enhance the security on your Calgary premises, store or camp. GPS Security Group has created a reputation of excellence by fulfilling the needs of our clients.

    How are we Different?

    We offer security solutions that are uniquely tailored to your organization’s needs and wants. Our advanced GPS system allows you to get real time data on our performance. Additionally, our Security Guards are further trained for Emergency Situations, providing CPR and Fire Watch training.

    We Provide A Full Range of Security Services
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