Ways to Make Your Home Safer

January 23, 2017


Home safety is a common concern among all the homeowners. Whether your top priority is ensuring safety against intruders, or safety for your toddler to wander around. Here are some clever ways to make your home safe.

Don’t Advertise You’re Away

The first thing an intruder looks for when choosing a house to break-in is whether the house is empty or not. Avoid publicizing on the social media accounts about your vacation or unavailability at home. Also, do not share your work timings with many people. Install smart systems which can automatically turn on the light, fan, music player or any other electronic device which can be timed with the help of an electronic device timer. This may help in deterring criminals even when you’re away from home.

Don’t Leave Entrances Unlocked

Install a solid wooden or metal door which is difficult to break or force open. Chain locks are useful but outdated. Install a single cylinder, quality deadbolt on exterior doors. Secure a sliding glass door or window by using a metal or wooden rod to reinforce.

Use Curtains to Cover

Criminals prefer knowing the property and the activities happening there before actually breaking in. Install curtains or blinds and use them to obstruct their view. This will stop them from stalking the activities inside your house.

Avoid Hiding Spots in the Lawn

Criminals can easily hide behind dense and tall trees and shrubs. Trim the lawn and garden plantation regularly to keep them short and easy to look through. Also, do not leave a ladder in the lawn when it is not needed.

Have Enough Lightings

It is better to have a good, easy view of your property from the windows. Illuminate the pathways, lawn, backyard, access doors, and main entrance with enough lights. Dark places can act as hiding places for intruders.

Install a Surveillance Camera

An effective video monitoring system always works. Install a CCTV camera and be less worried. There are lots of free apps that can turn your old phones and tablets into security cameras. These not only help in controlling criminal activities from occurring but also help in identifying the criminals later.

Get Alarm Systems

Studies say 90{ff5de37715d6694c1d2968b500b4f25af8140b012ba4193e922b993dd91ef0ae} of criminals avoid homes with an alarm system and if they encounter an alarm, they escape immediately. Get alarm security systems that ring due to a break-in.

Trick Using Inexpensive Decoys

You can always go the cheaper and easier way. Put up stickers and signs near the entrance and on the windows to signal the presence of security systems. Adding “Beware of Dogs” sign also works in the same way.

Be Friends with Neighbors

The best home security comes from neighbors who look out for one another. Know and make friends with people living around you so that you can ask them to keep an eye on your property while you’re away.

If you are a dog lover, having a pet as a security guard always works as they alert us whenever there’s any suspicious activity.   You do not need extremely high-end technologies and systems to keep your house safe. Some simple tips and security systems can easily protect your house from break-ins. Our home security service providers are ready to help you with the security services for your house.


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