Does Video Surveillance Deter Crime?

December 16, 2016


Can you think of doing something wrong when you know that you are being watched? Most areas have video monitoring cameras installed. There is someone who is keeping an eye on all the actions happening in front of these video monitoring cameras. Video surveillance is intentionally made conspicuous to let people know that their actions are being recorded.

How does video surveillance deter crime on streets?

The presence of video monitoring cameras creates a crime deterrence effect in three ways:

  • By discouraging first-time criminal offences because of the fear of prosecution

  • By discouraging offenders from committing crimes in the future

  • By boosting the perception of safety among citizens and encouraging them to freely set out into public spaces more often. This further discourages crime in public places as these surveillance systems can serve as witnesses when crime occurs

Apart from these ways, video surveillance also helps deter crime by freeing up police resources. With video monitoring cameras securing the high-crime urban areas, the police officers can be free to patrol other areas and can respond quickly to incidents in real time.

How does video surveillance deter crime in homes?

Video surveillance not only helps deter crime on the streets but also can deter crime inside and outside your home’s premises. Many burglaries can be prevented if you have home security systems in place.

Video monitoring cameras are important for home security. If you have video cameras installed, a burglar will think twice before trying to break into your home. Having a video surveillance system increases the chances of a burglar getting caught and thus, reduces the chances of a burglary taking place in your home.

Most houses depend on a security guard for keeping burglars away. However, a security guard cannot keep an eye on all the entry points of your home and may not be able to recognize the burglar during the night time. A video monitoring system on the other hand keeps a watch on your home 24/7.

If you want to keep burglars away from your home, investing in home security systems is a good idea. Don’t think that video monitoring is only for big organizations and the Government, your home needs it as much as the other places do.

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