Why Does Your Warehouse Need Security Services?

February 16, 2017


Whether you store the raw materials or finished goods in your warehouse, you need an overall warehouse security. A lot of expenses and efforts are invested in keeping the goods safe. But, this inventory is prone to various damage risks like theft and tampering. Hence, find out why you need these security systems and services to keep your investment and efforts safe.

Need for Video Surveillance and Alarm Systems

A warehouse needs attention and protection 24/7. The security guards can work in shifts to maintain the safety, but there are chances that they may miss out on scrutinizing certain parts of the property. CCTV cameras can monitor all parts of the warehouse property and record the activities. The monitoring staff can view the recordings to keep a check. Same way, alarm systems also function 24/7. These alarms have motion sensors and detectors that can identify unfamiliar activities in or around the restricted areas. These alarms produce a loud sound to notify the security guard on duty. The intruder will either run away on hearing the alarm or will get caught by the guards. In both the cases, the inventory in your warehouse is saved.

Need for Access Security

Only concerned workers should be allowed to access the warehouse. Outsiders or external public can be unsafe for the warehouse. It can happen that the thieves or competitors may try to enter your warehouse with fake identities and a motive to damage or steal your inventory. Hence, all the new visitors should be identified and verified thoroughly before letting them in. All the workers and employees must have an access badge so that they are differentiated from the visitors. A badge identification system also helps monitor the movement of the workers and employees. The access control systems near all the entry points, considerably lower the chances of theft and other criminal activities.

Need for Security Patrol

Professional security guards perform a variety of tasks to keep the warehouse safe. They can respond to alarms, emergency situations, and also monitor the CCTV recording. They don’t allow suspicious people entering the warehouse. Also, they don’t let people park private vehicles in the vicinity of the warehouse. The security guards inspect the parcels and keep a track of the incoming and outgoing inventories and products. This way, the security guards ensure an overall warehouse security.

Lighting up, verifying the transport drivers, keeping a regular watch on the goods, and inspecting the quantity every day is not enough. With our Edmonton security services, you can expect an overall security without any worries. Our security professionals can answer all the security-related queries and share several tips on maintaining warehouse security.

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